Traditional Chinese herbs have been widely known to heal, restore and harmonize the energy in our body so that we can achieve balance and optimize our overall well-being. Do you know that these herbs are also effective in treating hair problems? Beijing 101 shares with us on how we can restore our lustre and healthy hair with these 10 traditional Chinese herbs that are beneficial and effective in treating hair problems!

1. Ginseng (人参 / Ren Shen)

Ginseng chinese herb

Ginseng is well-known for its benefits and healing properties. This herb can help to nourish our lungs, improve vitality, calm the nerves, protect our immune system and our cardiovascular health. The ginsenosides, present in ginseng extract, directly enter the fibre of the hair and help to prevent hair problems such as thinning, greying and loss of hair.

2. Fallopia Multiflora (何首乌 / He Shou Wu)

Fallopia Multiflora He Shou Wu Chinese Herbs Hair Problems

Fallopia Multiflora serves as a great tonic to nourish our liver and kidney. The extracts of Fallopia multiflora have many benefits to our body. It helps to cleanse the blood and dilate our blood vessels to improve blood circulation. It is known to relieve painful spasms too. Our skin complexion, brain cells as well as the condition of our hair will improve with the sufficient and improved blood flow in our body.

3. Peach Kernel (桃仁 / Tao Ren)

Peach Kernel Chinese Herbs to treat Hair Problems

Peach Kernel is well-known in promoting blood circulation, eliminating phlegm and clearing of obstructed bowel due to intestinal dryness or even used for treating indigestion. Other benefits include the killing of cancer cells and treating injuries sustained from falls. For women facing scarce menstrual flow or even absence of menstruation, the peach kernel can help to regulate their menstruation cycle. Peach kernel is used to treat hair loss problems too.

4. Achyranthes Root (牛膝 / Niu Xi)

Niu-Si herb for hair treatment

Achyranthes Root is a great herb that helps to nourish our liver and kidney and strengthen our bones and muscles. It can be used to relieve painful menstruation and regulate menstruation cycles. Achyranthes root can be used to treat stiffness, weakness and pain in different parts of our body, such as our joints, back, knees, muscles and bones. It is also used to treat liver-yang dizziness or headache aggravated by anger or emotional stress.

5. Szechuan Lovage Root (川芎 / Chuan Xiong)

Chuan Xiong chinese herb for hair

Szechuan Lovage Root is helpful in expelling wind in our body, relieving itching and invigorating the blood circulation. Research in Chinese Medicine has proven that Szechuan Lovage Root is efficient in treating hair problems too, as it helps to improve blood circulation and increase the absorption of nutrients by our hair follicles. With healthier hair follicles, it will optimize hair growth and prevent brittle or premature greying of hair. Definitely a great herb to help our hair regained its health and shine!

6. Eucommia Bark (杜仲 / Du Zhong)

Du Zhong Chinese Herbs to treat Hair Problems

Eucommia Bark is a Chinese herb that is frequently used to improve overall health. Many of us will associate Eucommia Bark as a herb that helps to invigorate the kidney and nourish the liver; strengthen the bones, ligaments and tendons; treat kidney and liver deficiencies and impotence; and relieve backaches. Too much protein in the diet may advance the ageing process, but Eucommia Bark can help to increase the body’s metabolism and delay the ageing process. This herb is used in hair treatment to improve hair texture, regain its shine and prevent hair loss.

7. Safflower (红花 / Hong Hua)

Safflower Herbs that can treat Hair Problems

Safflower is a superb herb crowned for its three outstanding qualities – it is high in polyunsaturated fatty acid, high in Vitamin E and the source of several flavonoids with strong antioxidative activities. Safflower promotes blood circulation in our body which then helps to eliminate stasis, regulate menstruation cycle and dissolve blood clots or hard lumps. It can relieve pain and cure traumatic injuries.

8. Codonopsis Root (党参 / Dang Shen)

dang shen Chinese Herbs to treat Hair Problems

Codonopsis Root is commonly known as a herb that helps to replenish Qi deficiency and regulate blood circulation in the body. It is commonly used as nourishment to regulate weakness or faint from illness, fatigue, paleness, loss of appetite and shortness of breath. If you are someone who has a weaker immunity and often catches a cold, Codonopsis Root will work wonders for you. The regulation of Qi will improve blood circulation, replenish blood deficiency and revitalize our whole body.

9. Atractylodes Macrocephala (白朮 / Bai Zhu)

Chinese Herbs to treat Hair Problems - baizhu

Atractylodes Macrocephala is a herb that helps to invigorate Qi, strengthen our spleen, hydrate our skin and dispel wind from our body. Research in Chinese Medicine has also proven that Atractylodes Macrocephala can expand the blood capillaries on our head to help regular blood circulation and increase its nutrient intake to optimize our hair condition. In fact, our hair will become softer and healthier, never frizzy and brittle.

10. Black Beans (黑豆 / Hei Dou)

black beans Chinese Herbs to treat Hair Problems

Black Beans is a fabulous food that contains quality plant-based protein, omega-3 fatty acid, carbohydrate, beta carotene, vitamin B, folic acid, niacin, antioxidants and micronutrients. It nourishes our kidney and aids in male fertility & sperm health. Black beans also improve blood circulation and are known as a superfood that treats hair problems. As black beans contain antioxidant properties, the regular consumption of black beans adds lustre, liveliness and shine to our hair.

The likelihood of hair problems is attributed to environmental or genetic factors, stress and emotional burdens. Beijing 101 uses all these premium-grade Chinese herbs in their products and treatments. It can give our hair the extra care they need to regain health and shine.

This post is sponsored by Beijing101.

Beijing 101 is the Pioneer in merging Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy into hair care. Supported by a team of qualified Hair Consultants and TCM Practitioners, they believe in using premium-grade Chinese herbs & extracts which are natural and effective in treating hair problems.

Beijing 101 has 40 years of success and experience in treating different hair problems. Treatments are customized to suit an individual’s needs and hair conditions. Beijing 101 is available in 60 countries worldwide and is a recipient of multiple international awards worldwide.

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