Since I was young, I have heard older folks saying people who belong to the ox zodiac sign should not be born during the day since the ox is usually seen to be ploughing the field under the hot sun and this implies hardship.

On the other hand, it would be far better if people with the ox zodiac sign are born in the night for the obvious reason that the animal would then be lying down resting, giving rise to a comfortable life.

Auspicious Chinese Names for babies born in the year of the Ox

As a matter of fact, this folk wisdom does not really hold water. It is overgeneralised. What actually matters more to a person’s quality of fortune boils down to the individual destiny chart or otherwise known as the Ba Zi (8 characters) which is calculated based on one’s date and hour of birth.

However, something interesting that you may wish to take note of is that, according to the principles laid down in the Chinese Name System (八字生肖姓名学), it is regarded as inauspicious for an ox zodiac person to see the Chinese name or character that contains the radical 日 such as 旭 or 晶.

What is the rationale behind it?

In the subsequent paragraphs, I will explain and elaborate on the theories that underpin this particular Chinese Name System, which was researched and developed from Taiwan during the last century.

Before I forget, I need to let you know that this system actually makes reference to the Chinese lunar calendar. This means that your newborn will be considered an ox baby when he or she is delivered on or after the first lunar day of Chinese New Year, which happens to occur on 12 February 2021. If the baby is born on 11 February, he or she will still be regarded as having a rat zodiac.

The Anatomy of our Chinese Name

First and foremost, the Chinese surname represents one’s relationship with parents, whether he or she is well provided for by the family, a person’s intelligence, academic performance during primary and secondary school, creativity, status, reputation, etc. So, having the appropriate surname enables one to enjoy a good head-start in life.

In addition, whether he or she could become a future leader in the corporate world, the uniformed group, political arena or even as a famous celebrity, the surname plays a pivotal role.

Now, the issue is that most of us are not able to change our surname if things do not turn out as what we want. In this instance, we would then have to rely on the careful selection of middle and last Chinese characters in the name to mitigate or neutralise the negative influence of the surname.

The middle name influences a person’s relationship with peers, siblings and spouse. In addition, it talks about Emotional Quotient (EQ) and a person’s self-esteem. In terms of health, it governs major organs like our lung, heart, stomach and digestive system. Simply put, it represents our body segment from neck to our groin area including our hands, whereas the surname affects our head, brain and face.

As for the last name, it governs the career and money luck of a person, affinity with kids, subordinates and immunity. For the ladies, having a good name will also enhance the luck of the husband too. In terms of body parts, it covers the area from the groin to our feet.

General Characteristics & Destiny of People who are born in the Year of the Ox

The ancient masters examined the likes and dislikes of the ox and then proceeded to extrapolate to find the Chinese characters that can complement the idiosyncrasies of this zodiac sign.

Year of the Ox Chinese Zodiac Forecast 2021New year vector created by pikisuperstar –

From the Chinese metaphysics angle, the ox zodiac belongs to the second place of the 12 Zodiac Signs and among the 5 elements, it belongs to the earth element. For the other remaining zodiac signs, they either assume the element of wood, fire, water or metal. For instance, rat belongs to the water element.

So, let us first examine some of the pertinent general characteristics of people who belong to the ox zodiac and the natural inclinations of ox itself.

In essence:

1. The ox has always had an inextricably intertwined relationship with human beings for thousands of years since people have always relied on the ox for agricultural and transportation activities. However, it also got slaughtered and sacrificed for human consumption.

2. A person belonging to the Ox zodiac is deemed to be very trustworthy as he/she is able to shoulder burdens without any complaints or grumbling. He/she is resolved in seeing tasks assigned to him/her being delivered, no matter how tough the job is.

3. A person belonging to the Ox zodiac is hardworking, steady and pragmatic. However, in terms of mental processing, the ox somehow gives people the impression that it is slow and stubborn. They are not really of the expressive or romantic type. They choose to communicate in a more direct and yet low-profile manner.

4. A person belonging to the Ox zodiac is a quiet and humble worker. Most will enjoy better money luck after the age of 50. Success usually comes later in life. So, as long as they persevere and do not take shortcuts in their career, they will definitely rise to a high-ranking position in life.

The animal itself is herbivorous and by and large a domesticated animal. It prefers to roam around or work on flat land. It dislikes mountainous, rocky and hilly environments because it cannot find food easily and there are hidden dangers. In the past, the ox or cattle had always been one of the few selected animals that presented itself as an oblation to God alongside the pig and goat.

Which Chinese Surname will provide a good head-start for your Ox Baby?

zodiac reading for ox

Let us now take a deeper look at the dos and don’ts when you are selecting the name for your baby. First of all, it would be preferable for ox babies to be born into a family carrying a surname such as:


It does not like surnames such as:


The approach to selecting good names for your baby is a rigorous and holistic one because not only there is a need to ensure the names complement the baby’s destiny chart, individual Chinese characters within the name must also contain the right sound and shape. All these ultimately create the right result for the child in all aspects of his or her life. It is also of paramount importance that the given name is compatible with both parents’ Chinese names and zodiac signs.

In fact, many parents and adults nowadays are seeking help from name experts to enhance or improve their studies, romance, career luck and even a child’s behaviour.

Auspicious Chinese Names for babies born in the Ox Year

What Chinese characters are suitable for babies born in the year of the Ox?

We have earlier discussed the general behaviours and inclinations of the ox zodiac people which provide the fundamental knowledge to allow us to select Chinese characters that are appropriate for them. The following Chinese characters or radicals are some examples that are considered auspicious for babies born in the Ox year:

1. 妞、鈕、嘉、均、生、牲、家、豪、濠、象、亥、核、該、垓、孩永、孟、孫、孔、承、淳、丞、享、泰、沛、字、水、泳、清、涵、港、孝

In the study of Ba Zi, such characters or radicals like 丑、子、亥 form a 三会 [San Hui] or 3-Seasonal Winter relationship which is an auspicious combination set. For your information, Pig, Rat and Ox zodiac signs form this relationship. For instance, if such a character is used in the middle name, it will strongly enhance a person’s marriage luck, relationship with peers and confidence level. For a child, it will also strengthen character development.

2. 园、同、宏、富、閎、广、厂、姗、册、稐、戶、門、康、廉、田、莆、合、周、嘉、安 、宇

The ox lives in or near the habitations of people. It, therefore, feels protected and comfortable with the field, cave, roof, fence or shelter over its head. Translating them to Chinese, having shapes of words like 穴,门,广,册,田,口 in one’s name means having stability in their career and relationships, having supportive relatives and friends and smooth sailing life.

3. 和、莉、香、蘇、秉、豆、登、米、菊、科、益、豐、芸、季、榛、麟

Ox prefers to eat grass, grain, cereal, maize and rice. The presence of radicals like 草,禾,豆,米 in a person’s name will usher good support in life, plenty of helpful people, making it easier to achieve success in society.

4. 酉、羽、非、金、鴻、翁、廖、票、鈞、雀、雁、兆、翡、鑫、雄

In the study of Ba Zi, such characters or radicals that contain 金 or 酉 forms a 三合 [San He] or 3-Harmony relationship with ox which is extremely powerful and auspicious. It will boost a person’s luck in career, wealth, marriage and health. For your information, Snake, Rooster and Ox zodiac signs form this auspicious trinity.

5. 龍、辰、農、宸、震、展、丽、庆、麒、麟、君、京、贝、言、雨

According to the principle of this Chinese Name system, Ox and Dragon zodiac signs are deemed as good friends while Goat and Dog form another auspicious pair. Hence, such characters or radicals that contain 龍 and 辰 are able to render strength and good support to the ox. They also belong to the same earth element.

6. 通、建、廷、庭、宛、强、融、虹、凡、弘、川、之、华、芝、巴

In the study of Ba Zi, such characters or radicals take on the shape of a snake. They form a 三合 [San He] or 3-Harmony relationship with ox which is extremely powerful and auspicious. It will boost a person’s luck in career, wealth, marriage and health.

7. 少、臣、士 、雀、二、仕、工、相、江、卒、丞

It is good to see radicals or words like the above because the ox is ranked number 2 after the rat. It is below the King. Its role is to serve people. By using these words, the ox complies to its mission and purpose in life. It will be happy.

Auspicious Chinese Names for Ox babies

On the contrary, the Chinese characters below are considered inauspicious for babies born in the year of the Ox:

1. 竹、節、南、馮、馬、駿、烶、燊、炎、骅、然、烈、熒、杰、彤、许、红、筌、珠、竺

The words here contain or sometimes conceal the horse zodiac element. In the study of Ba Zi, ox and horse form a “harmful” relationship. It can lead to health issues relating to the heart and blood circulation, immunity, relationship problems or money losses.

2. 羊、美、羚、羲、善、祥、翔、妹、逹、茉、羡、泽、杨

In the study of Ba Zi, ox and goat give rise to conflicting energy. It is considered one of the most serious violations in the Chinese Name System that can lead to stress in career, set back in life, divorce, legal case, diseases and even poor finances. Avoid using 羊 radicals in your name at all costs.

3. 怡、性、思、恩、慈、惠、意、愛、愉、慧、育、朋、志、忠、念

It is considered not good to see 心、月、忄radicals because such words are associated with the heart which is deemed as part of our flesh, however, the ox only feeds on grass, herbs and plants. In this situation, the person having this character in his or her name will find that it is difficult in getting help and support from his or her friends, spouse, colleagues and siblings.

4. 山、岡、岳、岷、峻、崇、峰、崢、嵩、崑、崎、岱 、丘、瑞、良

It is inauspicious to see 山、谷、丘 radicals because they imply mountainous areas and as mentioned in the earlier paragraph, it is quite challenging for the ox to look for food there. In real life, this implies one has to put in a lot of effort in their endeavours but it does not guarantee a favourable outcome. This means things may not be smooth-sailing and a person’s life path can be filled with challenges and dangers.

5. 伶、佳、仕、任、伯、佩、倩、依、介、芬、役、俊、仙、欣、俞

Words contain 人 and 亻symbolise human presence. In fact, some words here like 分 imply the human is carrying a knife. This is definitely not a positive sign because it means the ox is going to be slaughtered for offerings. So, the person having such character in the name can always feel that they are making sacrifices for others but with little returns. This can occur in their relationships and also at work.

6. 晶、煦、昌、旭、升、明、易、晉、皓、晨、耀、光、辉 、智、春景、曾、星

It represents hardship for the ox people to see names that contain 日 or 光 radicals since the ox usually works during day time under the scorching sun. During ancient times, oblation also took place during day time where the ox, goat and pig were presented as offerings to the deity.

7. 文、友、英、兴、典、真、光、亮 、友、尤

Radicals like 八, 又, 儿 have a shape and form that imply the animal is running or escaping. This implies instability in one’s life. Some of my clients that have such Chinese characters in their last name often experience a hectic life when it comes to making money.

8. 衣、丝、巾、采、萧、彦、布、市、帛、帝、常、彩、彭、彬、衫、杉、福、珍、礼、裕

The group of words here comprises 糸、衣、采 radicals and this refers to cloth and silk. When the ox is dressed up, it is usually slaughtered for either prayer or imperial ceremony. Hence, in reality, it implies the person with such characters in the name will have to often give in and make sacrifices for their next of kin, loved ones and even colleagues at work.

9. 王、珍、玉、君、皇、玲、首、主、大、长、太、示、鼎、禄、祺、礼、宗、祯、奇、祈、祝

The presence of 示 or 王 radical symbolises sacrifices or becoming a king. The closest that the ox can get near a king is when it is being made as an offering in the palace. A person’s name with this Chinese character often needs to make sacrifices for family, friends and relatives.

He or she will not be able to enjoy a good life. The money saved will eventually be spent on others and little will be left for himself or herself. Unlike other animal signs like Rat, Dragon and Tiger, the ox lacks the capability to lead like a King. Hence, one will find it difficult to experience a breakthrough in his or her career especially when the word is located at the last name.

10. 成、戈、忠、茂、城、威、國、狀、獻、武、猶、然、盛、誠

It is a serious violation of the Chinese Name principle to see radicals like 戌 and 犬 in the name as it is deemed as a punishment for ox from Ba Zi point of view. If such a word exists in the middle name, it will lead to stress in marriage and relationship with peers. If it is present in the last name, it will lead to issues with personal finances, challenges in career and even strained relationships with subordinates and children.

11. 装、欣、莊、成、代、知、芹、绒、勇、力、颖、柔、刚、分、芬

Radicals such as 刀、刂、矛、匕、戈、矢、斤 and 片 represent weapon and knife. It means the ox will be facing imminent danger and will eventually be killed and sacrificed. In addition, for any person with such words in the name, it can also cause him or her to suffer from bodily harm, surgery and crises in life.

The list of examples given above is not exhaustive but has covered the essentials. My objective in this article is to share with you some insights and perspectives on Chinese Name Selection for babies who are born in the ox year. I would encourage you to seek professional advice if you are contemplating picking auspicious names for your child so as to have a good quality life path in the future.


This is a meaningful phrase that I usually tell my clients. In English, it means although our Chinese Name consists of 2 to 3 characters, it has an everlasting influence on our life journey.

With this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this article and wishing you good health and abundance in 2021. Happy ‘Niu’ Year to you!

This article is contributed by Master Jo Ching.

Master Jo Ching (莊裕善老师) is the founder of DestinyAsia Global Consultancy and Master Trainer of Destiny Academy Pte Ltd. Besides providing professional advice to clients on their home and office feng shui, destiny analysis and auspicious Chinese Name selection, he also conducts professional feng shui courses and corporate talks. He is frequently quoted by media like Lian He Wan Bao, Asiaone, The New Paper, RazorTV, Yahoo, Her World and etc. You are welcome to visit his company website or contact him at

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