Teaching your child proper road safety is one of the most important lessons a parent can give. Check out this guide to discover how to teach your child about staying safe on the roads.

Children: One of the Most Vulnerable Groups on the Road

A joint report from the World Health Organisation and UNICEF revealed that children are the most likely age group to be injured or killed as pedestrians. Up until the age of ten, children cannot judge the speed or distance of approaching vehicles. Children can be easily distracted, and they may run into the road without looking.

A total of 132 children aged 12 and below were injured in road traffic accidents in the first half of 2017, up from 128 for the same period in 2016 according to a news article by The New Paper.

The Importance of Good Road Safety Education

To minimise the risk of an accident, adults have a responsibility to provide kids with effective road safety education from a young age. This will help them to develop an awareness of traffic and its dangers, pick up good behaviour around roads, and learn how to make safe choices.

In addition, a solid grounding in road safety education will ensure that they will grow up to become responsible drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. While children may learn the road safety theory in school, it’s important to put these lessons into practice on the roads.

Learn More About Road Safety for Children

If you’re interested in learning more about how to teach your child about road safety, then you should browse through the below infographic from Hussey Fraser.

This helpful guide goes through a range of topics related to road safety education for children, such as the Green Cross Code, pedestrian road safety, how to safely enter and exit a vehicle, safe behaviour on driveways and the ABC’s of road safety education.

This infographic is contributed by Hussey Fraser.

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