Chinese New Year (CNY) falls on 1 February in 2022 and we’re ushering in the Year of the Tiger!

Chinese New Year Gifts Singapore

Want to shower your family and friends with blessings and bountiful gifts this CNY? Here is a list of CNY gifts and hampers to consider gifting so you can make this Lunar New Year even more huat and special for your loved ones!

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1. New Moon Emerald 4s Gift Set

Chinese New Year Hamper New Moon Abalone Gift Set

Known as baoyu in Mandarin, abalone represents “wealth” and “abundance” for the year ahead. It makes the perfect gift to wish your family and friends a prosperous and bountiful New Year!

Price: $68.21

You can purchase the gift set on Shopee.

2. SunnyHills Kogyoku Apple & Pineapple Cakes Gift Set

Shopee SunnyHills Pineapple Cakes CNY Gifts Singapore

SunnyHills prides itself on using natural and fresh ingredients that are harvested by local farmers. Your family will be sure to love this gift set that combines both their best-selling pineapple cakes as well as their latest product – apple cakes! The apple cakes are a spin-off from the classic pineapple cakes and are made from Japanese Kougyoku apples known for their crunchiness.

Price: $35.30

You can purchase the gift set here.

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3. Fragrance Sliced Tender Bak Kwa (with free 100g Pork Floss)

Fragrance Bak Kwa CNY 2021

CNY won’t be the same without bak kwa which is possibly the most loved CNY treat! Make someone’s day by sending them this pack of Fragrance bak kwa along with a complimentary packet of pork floss (100g).

Price: $29

You can purchase it here.

4. Overflowing Prosperity Hamper

CNY 2021 Hamper SingaporeImage credit: Little Flower Hut

Little Flower Hut‘s Overflowing Prosperity Hamper is exactly what its name suggests! The hamper includes 18 mandarin oranges that signify good fortune, sparkling juice as well as a box of Ferrero Rocher. Overflowing with pink flowers, this is an ideal CNY hamper to wish your loved ones a sweet and fruitful year ahead!

Price: $108

You can purchase it here.

5. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Abundance Hamper

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore Abundance HamperImage credit: Klook

The Year of the Tiger gets off to a roaring start with a resplendent collection of artisanal Lunar New Year goodies.

Package details: Abundance Hamper – Chinese Sausage, Flower Mushroom, Sambal Prawn Rolls, Honey Walnut with Sesame Seeds, Jade’s X.O. Chilli Sauce, Pineapple Nugget Cookies, Honey Cashew Nut with Sesame Seed, Love Letters, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne N.V.

Price: $349.60

You can purchase it here.

6. Bee Cheng Hiang Sliced Pork Bakkwa

Want to surprise your friends or family? How about Bee Cheng Hiang Sliced Pork Bakkwa? Every slice of pork is meticulously marinated with their special recipe passed down from generations. Beautifully packed in an intricate well-designed box, this is the perfect gift for all occasions. The bakkwa are all individually vacuum-packed for maximum freshness and convenience.

Price: From $36

You can purchase it here.

7. Gold Potted Lucky Bamboo Plant

CNY Gifts Singapore Bamboo PlantImage credit: Little Flower Hut

Bamboo is often the top choice for gifting during CNY due to its symbolism of strength in Chinese. It is also a common household plant to keep as it requires little maintenance. This lucky bamboo plant even comes in a gold pot – making it a great gift to wish the recipient prosperity for the new year ahead!

Price: $48

You can purchase it here.

8. Customised CNY Gift Box

Cny gift box SingaporeImage credit: Happy Bunch

Prefer to customise your own gift box? Happy Bunch offers the option of customising your CNY gift box with free delivery – all you have to do is to choose the add-ons (available with separate top-up fees) on top of the Kraft Brown box that comes at a fee of $15.

Choose from add-ons such as pineapple cakes from SunnyHills, coffee bags, tea and even care packs such as body scrubs and face masks! Your giftee will be sure to appreciate your thoughtful gifts.

Get your customised gift box here.

9. Showers of Fortune Hamper

Eu Yan Sang Chinese New Year 2021 hamperImage credit: Eu Yan Sang

Want to show your appreciation to your family, loved ones and colleagues? Consider this luxurious hamper that is exclusively available on Eu Yan Sang’s website. The Showers of Fortune hamper consists of:

  • Triple Prosperity Abalone Gift Set (3 Pieces)
  • Signature Recipe Braised Giant Shellfish
  • Signature Premium Scallop Fish Maw Soup
  • Snow Fungus with Bird’s Nest & Peach Gum with Bird’s Nest Gift Set 2’S
  • Gourmet Shrimp Roll 100g
  • Vegetarian Cookies with Chunky Peanuts 150g
  • Premium Peach Gum

Price: $218

You can purchase the hamper here.

By Marinne Santiago.

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