Do you have difficulty in getting your child to speak in Mandarin? How do you encourage them to use Chinese in their daily lives?

At Yang Language School, the kids are exposed to Chinese at a young age and lessons are conducted to ensure that there is never a dull moment in class. Pictures, music and movement and even social media tools are used as a means to make the learning process enjoyable and engaging; all in the name of nurturing a love for Chinese.

Yang at Heart

Yang Language School is far from your traditional teacher-centric spoon-fed enrichment class. It adopts a student-centric approach, where fun, interest and interactivity are valued.

Students are encouraged to think and question rather than to just listen to the teachers. In each session, a range of activities is conducted to ensure each child is engaged and involved.

Yang Language School Chinese Enrichment

Align with MOE Chinese Syllabus

The school is MOE registered and backed by a strong curriculum in line with Singapore’s Primary School Chinese Syllabus. The Starters Programme (Nursery 1 – Kindergarten 2) is designed to stimulate your little one’s interest and prepares them for Primary School education.

The Primary Programme (Primary 1 – 6) is aimed to enhance your child’s love and command of Chinese through 4 main aspects: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

However, the curriculum is not fixed and set in stone, because each student is unique.

Each student has different learning abilities, skills and interest, so each child responds differently to the same teaching methods. When children are being taught in the same manner throughout the lesson, learning becomes a mundane and dreadful experience.

In order to evaluate and cater to each child’s skills and learning capability, the school adopts Bloom’s Taxonomy way of learning.

Customised Learning For Your Child

Created in 1956 by educational psychologist Dr Benjamin Bloom, Bloom’s Taxonomy aims to promote higher forms of thinking in education, such as analysing and evaluating rather than just memorising facts and figures.

Chinese enrichment Yang Language School Bloom taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy adopts a six step process: Acquiring knowledge, Understanding concepts, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating.

An effective teacher is one who is not only able to teach but also one who is able to consistently assess and give the child and parent feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and continuously seek to improve.

At the end of every term (12 weeks), the teachers who hold a Degree in Chinese Studies and well trained in the language will examine and evaluate your child’s performance using Bloom’s six step process. Through the evaluation, they will differentiate the skillset and learning capability of each student and customise the lesson accordingly.

For example, if your child is very weak in his Chinese writing skills, they will emphasise on writing and incorporate interesting ways to encourage the child to write till he/she reaches the desired writing competency level.

If your child has already understood the concepts (Understanding) in line with his/her level, the teachers will think of ways to enhance what they have learnt to help your child progress to a higher level(Application). It can be as simple as applying new words learnt in their daily lives or conversations, or using the words in their written compositions in school.

Chinese Enrichment Turf City Yang Language School

At a later stage of learning, the curriculum will focus on your child’s ability to evaluate the various possibilities of language use, and to encourage them to be creative when it comes to applying their knowledge in their daily lives.

For example, when learning about ‘ambitions’, teachers may ask a student to simulate an interview where they pick their classmates or even family members to talk about their ambitions. At the end of the interview, students are encouraged to write a short essay on the relevant topic.

This customised learning process allows each child to stretch and maximise their full learning potential.

The Joy Learning of Chinese

Yang Language School Chinese Enrichment Singapore

Ms Irene Kng was pleasantly surprised when she sent her two children, age 4 and 6 to Yang Language School’s classes.

“Both my children have attended other Chinese classes, including personal one-to-one Chinese tuition, all of which they dislike. I was surprised when both of them came out of their first class smiling and eager to come back again for the next class,”

She credits the school’s interactive methods and teachers as the main factors for her kindling their interest in Chinese.

“The lessons are conducted by incorporating a series of achievable mini hands-on activities such as singing, building, crafts and worksheets. The teachers are professional and more importantly, caring and engaging. My children are happy to come daily and I can see significant improvements after just a few lessons.”

Ms Poh Lin Uchikawa, shares a similar experience with her daughter Sakura, who was initially shy and hardly spoke a word of Mandarin.  But just after four lessons, Ms Uchikawa saw a change in her daughter’s Mandarin.

“The teachers at Yang Yang have been very patient with Sakura and now she is getting more confident in Chinese. I am particularly impressed by the classroom materials. They use a lot of video clips and presentation materials as well as various interactive activities which I believe has made the lesson more interesting and engaging for Sakura.”

Free Trial Class Available

Join Yang now to spark your child’s love for Mandarin and equip them with the right skill sets to ace their Chinese!

Yang Language School offers Chinese programmes from Nursery 1 to Primary 6. Call them at 6463 0060 or email for a free trial class.

They are located at 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, #04-05 (Take Lift 4 next to Giant)

For more information, visit here.

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