Looking for a childcare centre or kindergarten with a strong arts-based background? We round a few childcare centres for you to consider.

Arts Based Preschools

Arts Based Preschools

It is the unique approach that integrates the essentials of literacy and numeracy with the wonders of the Arts – Visual and Performing. Within the creative environment, these preschools strive to use the Arts to broaden students’ horizons and open doors to flexible thinking and holistic development.

What is Visual Arts

It is a piece of creative physical or static artwork that can be appreciated by sight. Examples include painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography.

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What is Performing Arts

It is a form of creative activity that is performed in front of an audience. Artists use their voice and/or their bodies to convey artistic expression. Examples include drama, music, and dance.

Benefits of Art

  • Improves development: Encourages fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities and social skills
  • Useful teaching medium: Can be used to teach academic subjects such as language, maths and science.
  • Fun and enjoyable: Keeps children engaged and happy
  • Outlet for self-expression and creating something
  • Fosters creativity

There is also a strong correlation between early involvement in the arts and measurable success later in life. In a study by Michigan State University, researchers suggest that children exposed to arts are able to think “out of the box”. One possibility is due because the art process involves a lot of working with hands and figuring out how to solve problems creatively.

Arts Based Preschools Singapore

There is no right or wrong way to explore and create art, says Ms Elaine Cheong, Curriculum Head of Da Little School. “Every child is free to explore the techniques, tools and materials. The experience is enjoyable and calming. The outcome of every art piece is unique. Through the open-ended process of making art, pre-schoolers learn to make decisions, problem-solve, trial and error, and emerge to be a confident individual.”

Ms Cheong, who has fifteen years of experience in early childhood education, urges parents to extend their children’s fun art experience at home. “Preschoolers are curious about the world around them. Singapore is a melting pot of many cultures, this advantage brings about a culturally rich society where preschoolers are able to appreciate the aesthetic beauty in multicultural art. This cohesive environment promotes a diverse style of art in children from a young age.”

Key features of an arts-based school:

  • Create fun and joyful experiences though art
  • Shape how children (and later on as adults) see the world
  • Provide children with the ability to understand human experiences
  • Develop children’s imaginations and creative thinking skills
  • Develop aesthetic awareness and appreciation
  • Provide opportunities for self-expression and self-awareness
  • Create respect for and understanding of others’ individuality
  • Improve physical coordination, motor skills and technical skills.

Arts based preschools in Singapore:

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