Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year and it is typically a day (or night) of fun activities such as going on a trick-or-treat, holding festive gatherings, creating fun costumes and eating sweet treats!

Where to Buy Halloween Decoration in Singapore

Halloween will definitely not be the same without some spooky decorations around the house and fun costumes for trick-and-treating. We list some spook-tacular deals for Halloween that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

If you’re new to Halloween, we have compiled a quick Halloween guide for you to get started! Also, if you’re on the lookout for Halloween parties or activities for the family, check out our compilation of Halloween events and parties in Singapore.


1. Halloween Cat/Dog Hats Headgear

Halloween Pumpkin Hat Dog Cats

Even pets can have fun this Halloween! Dress them up as a lovable pumpkin for the festive celebration. The headgear is adjustable and made of plush material so your pet won’t feel uncomfortable in it.

However, do remember to keep your pet hydrated in this hot weather and refrain from putting it on for too long!

You can get it on Shopee.


2. Harry Potter Cosplay Costumes

Shopee Harry Potter Cosplay Costume

Looking for a matching outfit for Halloween to go trick-and-treating with the little ones? We may have something in mind!

Perfect for fans of the Harry Potter series, you can get either the Slytherin Cape, Hufflepuff Cloak or Gryffindor Robe in sizes available for both kids and adults!

You can get it on Shopee.


3. DIY Halloween Balloons Decoration Pack

Shopee DIY Halloween Balloon Decoration Pack

Here are some spooky (but cute) decorations around the house to complement the festive occasion! These DIY balloons are simple to set up and the family can bond together while decorating the house!

You can get it on Shopee.


4. Spiderman Costume for Kids

Kids Spiderman Costume Halloween Cosplay

Suitable for ages 3 – 7, this is one costume we’re sure the kids will want for themselves! Available in both black and the original red and blue colours, the costume comes in a full set including gloves and headgear.

You can get it on Shopee.


5. Starbucks Spook-a-ccino

Starbucks Halloween Spook-a-ccino

Savor the delicious Starbucks® SPOOK-A-CCINO – a combination of strawberry, chocolate and coffee in this delightful treat made just for this season. A Mocha Frappuccino made more indulgent with chocolatey chips thrown in, and a generous inclusion of strawberry sauce. Topped with fluffy whipped cream and an adorable spooky pumpkin chocolate topper, this beverage is perfect to kickstart the spooky season. Cost: $8.20 (Tall, Frappuccino)

Get your Spook-a-ccino in-store, or order ahead via our app on our revamped Mobile Order & Pay (MO&P) at your convenience. The Spook-a-ccino is also available via delivery through Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and GrabFood.


Autumn Oct 2021 LDB

6. Money Heist Costume

Money Heist Costume

You can get it on Shopee.


7. Halloween Fairy Lights

Shopee Halloween Lights Decoration

These fairy lights are battery-operated so you can use them anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors so it’s really convenient! You can also choose from different designs such as pumpkin, bat or even eyeball. Do take note of the length of the fairy lights as different designs come in various lengths.

You can get it on Shopee.


8. Tablescape Halloween Afternoon Tea Set

Tablescape Halloween themed Afternoon Tea Set

From 10 October 2021 to Halloween Day, 31 October 2021, Tablescape presents an adorably spooky Halloween themed version of their popular Afternoon Tea Set.

Look forward to the brand-new additions exclusive to the Halloween set which includes items such as:

  • Monster Cake Pop with Caramel and Pumpkin that are delightfully designed with mummy wraps and Frankenstein-like stitching on the frosting around the surface of the cakepops
  • The Dress-me-up Cupcakes, a DIY set that allows both little and grown up kids to create and decorate their own Halloween themed chocolate cupcakes with a packet of candy floss provided in each set

The Halloween Afternoon Tea Set ($68nett) also comes in a limited-edition takeaway packaging. The three-storey tower is veiled with a midnight black version of the classic Tablescape Afternoon Tea cover – making it perfectly fitting for this occasion.

For guests without kids, Tablescape also offers a Halloween Afternoon Tea & Cocktails Set ($148nett) – perfect for a little grown-up fun.

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Halloween is on 31 October and is creeping up fast. We have compiled a list of Halloween Parties In Singapore just for you!

halloween events and parties singapore

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