Breastfeeding your child is a major commitment. Some refer breastmilk as “liquid gold” because every drop pumped is meant for your baby.

The benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition and in fact, breastfeeding has many other major benefits for both mother and baby.

Not only does breastfeeding protect your baby from illnesses that can strike later in life, but it can also protect your baby from developing allergies and may even boost your baby’s intelligence.

Clever Ways To Store Breastmilk In Freezer

The following points are guidelines from the Singapore Health Promotion Board on the safe storage of breast milk.

  • Store in BPA-free, sterile container that can be sealed and frozen
  • During the process of freezing and thawing, ensure a constant temperature (this is to minimise harmful bacteria growth as rapid changes of temperature will cause the bacteria to multiply exponentially)

By following safe and sanitary storage techniques, you can maintain the high quality of expressed breast milk and the health of your baby.

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Need ideas on how to store your breast milk? Take it from these mamas!

1. In plastic storage trays

ways to store breastmilk - In plastic storage traysImage Source

These trays have built-up-in handles and can fit in the fridge perfectly, keeping it well-organised.

2. In the fridge door

ways to store breastmilk - In the doorImage source

A good idea to maximise the space in your fridge is to line them on your fridge doors. You will be surprised how many bags you can fit when laid flat and standing upright.

3. In a separate standing freezer (if you have space and money)

ways to store breastmilk - separate freezer for all your milk storage bagsImage source

4. In a DIY dispenser

ways to store breastmilk - In a DIY dispenserImage source:

Creating your own DIY frozen breastmilk dispenser to organise your bags is actually very easy. All you need to do is cut a small sit at the bottom of a gift bag and stack all your frozen breastmilk bags flat inside the bag, with the oldest date at the bottom of the bag. It is that simple!

5. Stagger the flat-packed storage bags in opposite directions to save space

ways to store breastmilk Stagger the flat-packed storage bags in opposite directionsImage source

Not only does laying your breastmilk storage bags flat make your storage space-efficient, placing them in opposite direction makes for convenient refrigerator or freezer packing.

6. Lay the bag flat in a plastic container

ways to store breastmilk - Lay the bag flat in a plastic containerImage source

7. In bottles

ways to store breastmilk -In bottlesImage source

Storing breast milk in bottles can keep your fridge organised but they take up more space. The bottles must either be made of glass or hard plastic with tight-fitting lids.

8. In tissue boxes

ways to store breastmilk -In tissue boxesImage source:

Who knew tissue boxes can be so useful? Also, if you would like something of a nicer print to look more satisfying, you can even wrap your tissue boxes!

9. In Ziploc bags

ways to store breastmilk - In Ziploc bagsImage source

By categorising your bags in Ziplock bags with the range of dates, you can save time as you look for the right milk to thaw.

10. In Kopi O bags

ways to store breastmilk - In Kopi O BagsImage source

This may not be recommended but it can be a backup option if you happen to run out of storage bags!

How do you store and keep your breastmilk? Share them with us in the comments below!

By Lynette Kwan.

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