Experts highly recommend mothers to breastfeed their babies, even after six months, due to the nutritional value of breast milk. However, there might be times when you encounter certain problems while breastfeeding your baby. In such cases, breastfeeding mothers should adopt some care and prevention methods.

Below is a list of potential problems and their solutions which mothers can rely on for them to experience successful mothering experience with breastfeeding:

1. Nipple Soreness and Pain

taking care of breast during breastfeeding

You feel some pain and swelling around the nipples. This usually happens due to hormonal changes, skin diseases, breast infections, and infant positioning.

a. Ensure your baby is positioned or latched onto your breast correctly.
b. Do not use creams, devices, ointments or other medications without consulting health professionals as these might lead to more serious allergic complications.
c. To reduce the pain, try placing a warm compressor or tea bags.
d. Refrain from leaving wet breast pads on your breasts.

2. Plugged milk ducts

This happens when the milk produced for a certain period is not released from the breast.

a. Extract as much milk as by breastfeeding your baby regularly or extract the milk manually.
b. Avoid wearing tight clothes or underwire bras.
c. If possible, you may try to increase your feeding times to extract more milk.
d. Avoiding high-fat dairy products.
e. Alternate both breasts when you feed your baby to prevent nipple soreness.

3. Engorgement

Engorgement is a condition characterized by the swelling of the breasts right after you begin breastfeeding your newborn. In most cases, you may feel some pain and experience some swelling. In worst scenarios, your breasts may turn red, followed by fever. If it is not treated, the mother’s milk supply might be affected and nipples could be damaged.

a. To decrease discomfort, express milk by hand and gently massage your breasts from time to time.
b. To feel more comfortable, apply gel packs or a cold towel.
c. Feed your baby regularly to extract your milk frequently.

4. Breast Infections

Mastitis is a breast infection condition where the breast is swollen, painful and red. This happens when the ducts are unplugged and the breasts are not regularly emptied.

a. A blocked milk duct can be remedied by gently massaging your breasts in feeding intervals. In cases your milk is not totally consumed by your baby, try pumping out the milk left in your breasts.
b. Placing a moist warm cloth on your breast can lessen the pain because of the warmth or heat.
c. Consult a medical specialist for anti-inflammatory medicines.

These are a few tips that you may find useful when you are breastfeeding your baby. However, if you still experience prolonged pain or swelling, it is best to consult your doctor for professional advice.

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