Though there is little information on the origins of the hidden Seah Im Bunker at Keppel Hill, it was likely to be built before World War Two.

seah im bunker

The secret bunker could have been used for a storage place for wartime equipment and ammunition or even the imprisonment of prisoners-of-war (POWs).

secret seah im bunker

Just like the Keppel Hill reservoir, the Seah Im bunker’s existence was gradually forgotten and covered by wild vegetation until it was rediscovered in recent years.

seah im bunker entrance

The 1m-tall Seah Im bunker lies on the forested slope of Mount Faber or Keppel Hill. Its brick entrance leads to an elongated tunnel, about 2.5m tall on the inside and was designed with small ventilation holes along its walls.

inside seah im bunker

We did not manage to go deeper into the bunker as the torchlight we brought was not bright enough so we shall leave it for another day.

Update: We were back again with stronger lights and here’s how the interior of the bunker looks like

path into seah im bunker

Seah Im bunker interior

seah im bunker entrance view

How to Get to Seah Im Bunker Singapore

The hidden Seah Im Bunker is located behind the Seah Im Carpark.

seah im carpark to seah im bunker

You will see a large Kapak tree with a heritage plaque.

heritage tree plaque seah im bunker

Go around the fence at the base of the heritage tree.

how to get to seah im bunker

Follow the path in and walk around one minute and you will see the entrance of the secret Seah Im bunker.

path to hidden seah im bunker

Address: Keppel Hill
Bus: 10, 30, 57, 61, 93, 97, 100, 124, 131, 143, 166, 188, 963
Nearest MRT: Harbour Front MRT
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

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