The abandoned and run down Kay Siang bunkers were built in the 1940s during World War Two. The bunkers were used as storage to keep munitions for the British Military who were still there at the time. The bunkers were slowly used less frequently as the British only returned for a short while after World War Two, which meant that the bunkers were soon forgotten about by the British. Although they were never rediscovered fully and were abandoned, people soon found out about it and started to explore it again.

Queenstown Kay Siang Bunkers 1 Well CamouflagedCan you see the Kay Siang Bunker 1?

Queenstown Kay Siang Bunkers 1Queenstown Kay Siang Bunker 1

From Kay Siang Bunker 1, you can walk inwards for about another 20 to 30m and you will see the vague outline of Kay Siang Bunker 2.

Queenstown Kay Siang Bunkers 2 Well CamouflagedCan you see Kay Siang Bunker 2?

Queenstown Kay Siang BunkersCloser look for Queenstown’s Kay Siang Bunker 2

Inside Queenstown Kay Siang Bunkers 2Inside of Kay Siang Bunker 2

Kay Siang Bunkers 2 Ventilation ShaftKay Siang Bunker 2 Ventilation Shaft

Unknown to most people, there is actually a third secret bunker in Queenstown at the same location.

Kay Siang Bunker 3Kay Siang Bunker 3

Hidden Third Kay Siang BunkerCloser look at Kay Siang Bunker 3

Abandon Queenstown Kay Siang Bunker 3Inside of Abandoned Kay Siang Bunker 3

By Ashton Lim, ASM Studios.

How to Get to Queenstown’s Kay Siang Bunker 1 & 2 Singapore

Walk from Bus stop #10469 along Kay Siang Road towards Tanglin Road and you will see an open field and running track.

Running Track beside KaySiang Bunkers

Do not turn in the field and continue to walk about 20-30m and you will see an opening on the right and that is the entrance to Kay Siang Road bunkers.

Kay Siang Bunkers Entrance

How to Get to Queenstown’s Kay Siang Bunker 3 Singapore

You can access Kay Siang Bunker 3 via Margaret Drive (opposite Minds Shop @ Margaret Drive). You can see the entrance like in the image below

Enter Kay Siang Bunker 3 via Margaret Drive

Address: Kay Siang Road near Bus Stop 10469
Bus: 32, 122
Nearest MRT: Queenstown MRT
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

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