What are the major health concerns of women after giving birth?

During childbirth, there is major blood loss, injury to “CHONG” and “REN” sinew channels, deficiency in blood and body fluids. In addition, blood stagnation from giving birth, internal blockage, dysfunction of Qi and blood flow may result in various sicknesses in a later stage. Furthermore, weakness in body constituents from giving birth, if without proper control of food intake and rest, may also easily invite viral attacks that lead to various kinds of postnatal sicknesses.

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How will TCM Post Natal Therapy help them to get back to health?

In TCM postnatal therapy, the condition of pregnant women will be studied and identified. The Qi and blood deficiencies, Yin and Yang imbalances are then addressed and properly managed through a combination of Tui Na massage, herbal medicine, together with the lifestyle management. This will assist pregnant women on an early road to recovery both physically and emotionally.

Can you differentiate TCM Post Natal Massage from other post-natal massages?

TCM Post Natal Massage works on the full body including pushing up the uterus, get rid of water retention, relieve wind. The therapist also works on the meridian lines and acupoints to enhance treatment with a better energy flow that helps faster recovery. Herbs are used for wrapping. Usually, in TCM confinement care, the therapist also prepares herbal baths before proceeding with the massage.

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Breastfeeding Issue – lack of milk is a very common concern after childbirth. How can TCM Post-Natal Care help?

In TCM, there are 2 causes for the low level of breast milk, one is due to low Qi level in the liver function, resulting in the production of breast milk being obstructed, and unable to flow smoothly. Therefore it is recommended to clear the breast passage, by taking Luffa peach kernel sugared syrup or Panoolin WangBuLiuXin (王不流行) drink etc.

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The second cause is due to insufficient of Qi and blood, shortage of breast milk. It is advisable to revive the Qi and blood circulation in the breast, by consuming pig hoof peanut soup or catfish soup. Besides that, an appropriate massage will help to smoothen the flow of breast milk, improving the secretion of breast milk.

Can TCM post-natal care help women in post-natal depression? If yes, how?

TCM believes that pregnant women will exhaust their Qi and blood during birth, weakening the body system and yet still require to breastfeed the baby, causing great exhaustion mentally and physically, easily burnout, feeling restless and frustrated.

Living in a conducive environment will maintain emotional balance and overcome any postnatal sicknesses. Refrain from getting irritated and sad easily. Avoid being overexcited or furious. Being self-controlled and merry will help restore the delicate balance of the functions of the Zang-fu organs.

Can you give the mummies some tips to take care of their health the TCM way after giving birth?

A. Bed and rest. Ensure sufficient sleep, to enable pregnant women’s body function and speedy recovery.

B. Appropriate movement, take note of the combination between exercise and rest, to improve the flow of Qi and blood. Start with simple exercises before proceeding gradually to more strenuous ones.

C. Strengthen your spiritual side, be in high spirits, refrain from anger, be free of depression, and keep emotion calm, this will enable breast milk to circulate smoothly.

D. Attend to personal hygiene, keep breast nipples clean, and always clean the nipples with warm water before breastfeeding. If the breast is bloated and hardened with a sensation of hot pain and lumpiness, apply appropriate massage.

E. Have proper and regular meals.

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