The backaches and shoulder soreness seem to worsen each day after you give birth. You feel as if you are carrying a ton of bricks on your shoulders and when you bend to pick up your baby, it’s as if twenty needles are pricking your back.

post natal back aches and pains

You yearn for a good rest and rub, to soothe and mend those sore and strained muscles. But you have a new baby to look after and breastfeed. So where do you find the time to heal those sore muscles? The answer is simple: instead of going to the masseuse, why not let them come to you?

AllTenTic Post Natal Massage

Origins Jamu provides traditional Jamu Postnatal in the comforts of your own home. All you need to prepare is a mattress or a bed, two big towels, a small towel and you are all set. That’s right, you can finally have your long-awaited massage.

What’s unique about Postnatal massage is the complementary and value-added lactation service and hot stone therapy provided. Have engorged or blocked ducts from breastfeeding? The lactation and hot stone therapy will come in handy as it not only helps to improve your milk flow, it aids in clearing engorgement and blocked ducts. It also helps to loosen those tight muscle knots, strains and aches in your body.

During the 1 hour full body massage, you will be sl1-hourd with natural soothing and slimming Jamu herbs cream. A special breathable cloth binder will also be used to wrap tightly around your tummy area, to help tone your stomach and support your womb. The binder is for yours to keep, with no extra charge. The postnatal massage also includes two complimentary session of baby massage class which will be done at your home, together with a special baby massage oil.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Meridian Therapy

A full body treatment uses an all-natural, botanical cream that helps to improve the 12 meridian channels in your body, the TCM Meridian body massage is targeted to improve your physical well-being. Have unexplained weight gain? Feeling very tired all the time? Have dull skin and low water retention? You may want to give TCM meridian massage a try. An excellent treatment for maintaining one’s overall health and immunity, this service is beneficial for all ladies of all ages, especially for mothers who have just given birth.

Quick, your muscles are screaming in pain for a good rub.

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