Update 22 July 2021:

Postponement of NDP to 21 August

1. The National Day Parade (NDP) 2021 originally planned on 9 August 2021 at the Float@Marina Bay will be postponed to 21 August 2021, after the scheduled end of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). On 9 August 2021, a ceremonial parade will be held instead. It will be similar to the one held last year at the Padang, but will take place at the Float@Marina Bay.

2. The heartland fireworks and Red Lions displays previously announced to be held over the 7 to 8 August weekend will be cancelled.

3. The NDP rehearsal and preview previously planned on 24 July and 31 July 2021 respectively have also been postponed. To prepare for the NDP on 21 August 2021, rehearsals will be conducted later in smaller component groups. Their dates will not be announced, so as to discourage crowds from gathering around Marina Bay.

4. Since 1966, the NDP has been held every year to mark Singapore’s independence. This national event brings together Singaporeans from all walks of life, as one united people to affirm our unity and nationhood. The changes this year will enable NDP 2021 to be held in safer conditions, while maintaining that cherished tradition

Press release by NDP Organising committee.

Previous announcement

NDP 2021 will be brought into every Singapore home, with many familiar favourites moving across Singapore throughout the heartlands. Singaporeans can catch these features in person and through live broadcasts over television and online platforms. It will be a digitalised and immersive experience with lots of home engagement activities to encourage audience participation throughout the day.

Below are the highlights for NDP 2021

NDP 2021 begins with a whole weekend of celebrations leading up to 9 August. There will be firework displays in the heartlands, along with crowd favorites such as the Red Lions’ free-fall.

NDP Weekend

Over the weekend leading up to 9 August, the Red Lions will conduct freefall jumps over various heartland sites, and on 9 August, Singaporeans across the nation can look forward to catching a glimpse of the State Flag flying over the residential areas and some fireworks.

  • Heartlands Fireworks (To be updated)
  • Red Lions (To be updated)

Parade at The Float

This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) will proceed at The Float @ Marina Bay on Monday, 9 August 2021 to commemorate the 56th year of Singapore’s independence. NDP 2021 is organised by the Singapore Armed Force’s Guards Formation, together with other
public agencies and volunteer groups.

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Do keep a lookout for more information on these exciting events happening across the island!

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Singapore’s National Day 2021

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NDP Rehearsal 2021 F15 Bombburst

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