“Phinny & Wally” is a fun and interactive play by Nine Years Theatre that reminds us of the importance of relationships – both with our friends and family, as well as with the environment around us. Don’t miss this opportunity to bond with your little ones while sparking their interest in the Mandarin language. Highly recommended for ages 5 to 7, but all ages from 3 onwards are welcome!

Children Theatre Show - Phinny & Wally


Dive into the enchanting underwater world with Phinny, a gentle dolphin, and Wally, an enthusiastic whale. In their vibrant ocean home, filled with coral figurines and playful adventures, these unlikely friends explore the wonders and face the challenges of the sea.

Phinny & Wally Childrens Play in Mandarin

Phinny & Wally Mandarin Childrens Play

With ship threats and pollution encroaching on their home, Phinny and Wally discover that unity and friendship are their greatest allies.

Together, their unbreakable bond reminds us that true friends never leave each other behind, no matter the tide.

Phinny & Wally will be performed in Mandarin at National Library Building, Drama Centre, Black Box from 27 Jul to 4 Aug 2024.

Discount packages are now available:

👫 Twin package: $63 (2 tickets)
👪 Family package: $120 (4 tickets)
✨ 10% discount for PAssion Card, SAFRA members, Books Kinokuniya customers and members.

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About Nine Years Theatre

Nine Years Theatre is a theatre company in Singapore dedicated to creating high-quality Mandarin works, telling stories that remind us of our humanity. Other than presenting works for adults, they also engage young audiences through captivating and educational children’s shows, fostering a love for the arts and inspiring the next generation of theatre enthusiasts.

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