Everything about your pregnancy is important. Food, tracking baby’s development week by week, prenatal check-up, exercise and emotional condition are just a few of the many considerations that a mother should give the highest regard.

prenatal pilates

But the most delicate factor which a pregnant woman should focus on is the physical aspect in which everything undergoes changes in preparation for the coming of the baby.

The pregnant woman experiences pains and peculiar bodily changes besides enlargement of the breast, broadening of the hips and backaches. This is why pregnant women are advised to do prenatal exercises in order for them to do away with medical intervention during labour and ease in the “pushing” stage.

One of the best activities a pregnant woman can opt for is Prenatal Pilates. This is the best exercise to prepare for the labour period.

Here are some of the many benefits this exercise can provide:

▪ It targets the tummy and the pelvic muscles which weaken during pregnancy. Pilates deals with the stress at the back and prepares the pelvic for the positioning of the baby.

▪ It helps prepare the transversus abdominus and promotes relaxation because it focuses on breathing. Pilates fitness enhances lateral breathing which works for the rib cage mobility when the baby is in the high position during the third trimester.

▪ Pilates program increases overall strength for the body through stretching your muscles, breathing more intentionally, working for the circulation of blood and oxygen and placing your attention inward.

▪ The soothing movements in Pilates program help prevent inflammation and swelling around your joints.

▪Pilates exercise reduces stress and fatigue by helping you release body pressure due to the baby’s continuous growth.

Prenatal Pilates is indeed a good exercise as it works for both physical and emotional strength during the pregnancy. The pregnant woman can opt for many other forms of exercise but any Pilates program can definitely give outstanding benefits as it prepares your body for a higher state of comfort.

Dealing with change is one of the most complex experiences during pregnancy. Doing with Pilates fitness is guaranteed wellness for any expectant mom.

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