Parents are always faced with the problem of deciding for the mode of nourishing the child after birth. The worldwide discussion of breastfeeding vs bottle-feeding is endless as the changes in the environment and trend in the society is almost always affecting home and family decisions to be made by the parents.

There are actually very few advocates for bottle feeding because nutritional aspects would definitely lead you to opt for natural feeding procedures. However, the preference for bottle-feeding may sound subtle but most homes and newborns are already adorned with feeding bottles even before birth.

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If you are one of those who cannot decide between the two, here are some pointers you might want to consider to easily pick out the medium of feeding your newborn:

  • Assess your reasons for your choice. Breastfeeding is logically the better choice but if you think that would hamper your job, and then you might want to opt for bottle feeding.
  • Medical status of the mother could greatly affect the newborn because some diseases could be transferred through the mother’s milk. Try to ask for the opinion of your physician. If you have been found to be healthy and physically capable of enduring the requisites of breastfeeding, then there are no more questions to be asked.
  • You might also want to breastfeed while you have not yet been back to work after giving birth. You can subtly interchange or introduce bottle feeding in alternation to breastfeeding until the time that you have to leave your baby home.
  • Availability of breast milk. Some mothers may not have the luxury of providing sufficient amount of milk for the baby. Before giving birth, seek the advice of the doctor on how to enhance your milk production. Usually, fluids are great help in nourishing the breasts.
  • Practicality. The ease of bottle feeding is indeed greater than breastfeeding. If your physical and environmental condition works for the intricacies of breastfeeding, then you can despise the idea on bottle feeding.
  • Consider your baby’s needs. The nutrition required for the proper growth and development of a child will always be the first factor to satiate when deciding for the mode of feeding.

Given the odds, your child should always be the first consideration. The baby’s health is incomparable to any factor unless your decision could greatly affect your family status and condition. In the end, it will be the child who will primarily benefit as you work hard for his nourishment and care.

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