Swimming is a valuable life skill and a fun and healthy activity for children. In Singapore, there is a wide variety of swimming lessons that cater to toddlers, children, and teenagers, ensuring they learn to swim safely and confidently. Whether you are looking for beginner classes for your toddler or advanced training for your teen, Singapore offers a range of programs that emphasize safety, technique, and enjoyment.

In this article, we will explore the top swimming lessons in Singapore, specifically designed for children aged from toddlers upwards. These programs provide expert instruction and a supportive environment to help your child develop their swimming skills and build a lifelong love for the water.

1. The Aquatics Swim School

The Aquatics Swim School Children Swimming Lessons Singapore

The Aquatics Swim School focuses on four main areas – Technique, Accuracy, Speed and Survival (TASS). They adopt a progressive learning approach, following an in-house syllabus that ensures that your child builds their swimming skills and techniques from a strong foundation of basics. The Aquatics Swim School also aims to give its students an all-rounded experience of swimming, providing opportunities for students to participate in competitions and take the SwimSafer Examinations.

For more information, visit The Aquatics Swim School.


2. Aquatech Swimming

Aquatech Swimming

Aquatech Swimming offers a wide spectrum of programs delivered by passionate and experienced coaches. With their combined knowledge and expertise in the sport, they strive to create a holistic environment for all to master the skill of swimming. All lessons are designed with a heavy emphasis on an athlete-centric approach and creating a long-term athlete pathway for their athletes to develop and grow.

For more information, visit Aquatech Swimming.

3. AquaDucks

AquaDucks provides swimming lessons for children from 6 months onwards. Their unique teaching method blends European and Australian techniques, focusing on fun and safety. Classes are held at various locations, and the experienced instructors are adept at handling young swimmers, making learning enjoyable.

🌐 aquaducks.com.sg


4. Happy Fish Swim School

Happy Fish Swim School offers well-structured swimming programs for toddlers, children, and teens. Their indoor heated pools provide a comfortable learning environment. With small class sizes, personalized attention, and friendly, professional instructors, Happy Fish ensures effective and enjoyable lessons for young swimmers.

🌐 happyfish.sg


5. Little Splashes Aquatics

Little Splashes Aquatics provides swimming lessons for toddlers and young children. Their heated indoor pools and small class sizes ensure a comfortable and focused learning environment. The instructors make lessons engaging and fun, fostering water confidence and safety in young swimmers.

For more information, visit Little Splashes Aquatics.


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