“Farming Our Hearts ❤️ Together”

A year has passed since the phenomenal success of Pesta Kampung 2018! Organised by the young for the community, we have exceeded all expectations in the first run and are humbled by the lessons that we have learnt together during the process.

Pesta Kampung 2019 at GUI Ground-Up Initiative

“When little stars ⭐️ start to shine, they light up the path and show us the way.” Many adults from the community were touched and inspired by the gusto of the young. The sparks lit up in others and spurred them to do more for the greater good.

Here we go again for the second run of Pesta Kampung!

Date: 9 November 2019
Time: 10am – 5pm (Carnival) | 6pm – 8pm (Twilight)
Venue: Ground-Up Initiative

Following a successful run of Pesta Kampung in 2018, Pesta Kampung is back for a Massive Fun Carnival on Saturday 9th November 2019. This year we are planning something special – exciting twilight activities around Campfire! We are also pleased to have Forest School Singapore as part of our main collaborators.

We hope to sprout some seeds of light in the lives of children and families by “Farming Our Hearts Together”.

What does “Farming Our Hearts Together” mean?

In our modern, technology driven society, families lives have changed drastically over the years. We have benefited tremendously with these technology advances, connecting us across borders, time zones and people with similar dreams and passions. But at the same time, we have also lost some – mindful face-to-face communication with one another and the rejuvenating connection with Nature. We are hoping at Pesta Kampung, just one day or maybe just for a few hours, let’s explore and experience “farming” our inner world with a little mindfulness and playfulness.

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Pesta Kampung aims to continue forging and expressing the good works of Ground-Up Initiative and connections to the land and community by bringing families of all diversities to come experience the kampung through a fun carnival that includes a whole segment of carnival games and activities that are child-initiated to:

  • Raise awareness for the need of a truly community driven space for the community like Kampung Kampus
  • Help support GUI in continuing their great work for the people of Singapore and sustain their current Kampung Kampus’ operations
  • Advocate & empower truly child-led Initiations, community bonding, play & sustainability

What to Expect?

Carnival market booths that are earth-friendly, and lots of fun activities that are mostly child-led and supported by adult volunteers. Free admission to free talks, tours & activities, paid workshops and activities by supporting partners. A selection of plant-based food vendors will also be part of the event.

To name some of the exciting Carnival Line-up:

  • Children Initiated Activity Corner
  • Earth Oven DIY Pizza
  • Kampung Farm Tours
  • Foosball Competition
  • Kampung Carnival Games
  • Kampung Kiddies Play
  • Storytelling
  • Wood-craft jamming
  • Mindfulness Family Workshop
  • Harp Therapy Workshop

Twilight Line-up:

  • Campfire with storytelling

For more information, visit here.

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