One of the most important components of the National Day Celebrations is the NDP theme song. We made a list of the NDP theme songs over the years so that you can play them to your heart’s content. Which one is your favourite?

NDP 2023 Theme Song – Shine Your Light

NDP 2022 Theme Song – Stronger Together

NDP 2021 Theme Song – The Road Ahead

NDP 2020 Theme Song – Everything I Am

NDP 2019 Theme Song – Our Singapore

NDP 2018 Theme Song – We Are Singapore

NDP 2017 Theme Song – Because It’s Singapore

NDP 2016 Theme Song – Tomorrow’s Here Today

NDP 2015 Theme Song – Our Singapore

NDP 2013 Theme Song – One Singapore

NDP 2012 Theme Song – Love at First Light

NDP 2011 Theme Song – In A Heartbeat

NDP 2010 Theme Song – Song for Singapore

NDP 2009 Theme Song – What Do You See

NDP 2008 Theme Song – Shine for Singapore

NDP 2007 Theme Song – Will You

NDP 2006 Theme Song – My Island Home

NDP 2005 Theme Song – Reach out for the Skies

NDP 2002 Theme Song – We Will Get There

NDP 2001 Theme Song: Where I belong

NDP 1998 Theme Song – Home

NDP 1990 Theme Song – One People One Nation One Singapore

NDP 1987 Theme Song – We Are Singapore

NDP 1986 Theme Song – Count On Me Singapore

NDP 1984 Theme Song – Stand Up For Singapore

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NDP 2017 Fireworks One Fullerton

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