With the many parks and gardens in the city, you might be looking for a chilling picnic spot in Singapore to be with your loved ones. There is nothing better but to spend quality time with your family and friends than by laying down on a picnic mat, some food and just chatting or playing games and going wild with your children.

Best Picnic Places in Singapore

Here are the top 10 picnic spots in Singapore you would certainly love!

Picnic #1: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Opening hours: Open daily 5am – 12am
Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569

best picnic spots singapore botanic gardens

The Botanic Garden is a great place for families to explore and have fun.

If you’re looking for activities to do with your kids today, or if you are planning to go for a “big family” picnic. Botanic Garden has always been our favourite outdoor destination with the kids.

It’s easy to get to and most importantly, super kiddy and social-distancing friendly.


Picnic #2: Gardens By the Bay

Opening hours: Open daily 8am – 9pm
Address: 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018951

Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s most iconic attractions and family-friendly theme parks in Singapore. As picnics in most parts of the Gardens, with the exception of the Conservatories are permitted and with plenty to astound both adults and kids alike, it is time to plan a fun weekend out here with your loved ones.


Picnic #3: East Coast Park

Opening hours: All Time
Address: Area F, East Coast Park

east coast park singapore

East Coast Park is a go-to for the “Eastern family”! Be it cycling or rollerblading or just simply kick back on the beach, there’s plenty of spots for you to lay down your mats especially the quiet beaches beside the Bougainvillea Garden is perfect for a leisurely family picnic!


Picnic #4: Sentosa

Opening hours: All Time
Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

best picnic spot palawan beach sentosa

Sentosa – Always First Choice for All Families!

As our very own island just off Singapore’s southern coast, Sentosa is a place that means a lot to Singaporeans. With many exciting and thrilling activities to experience on the island, this might be the closest thing to a holiday that you can enjoy with your loved ones!


Picnic #5: Changi Beach Park

Opening hours: All Time
Address: Nicoll Drive, Singapore 498991

picnic places singapore changi beach

As one of the oldest parks away at the northeastern tip of Singapore, Changi Beach boasts stretches of white beaches dotted with beautiful coconut palms, BBQ pits, park benches and shelters that beat suited for family activities and picnics. Besides the white sandy beach, Changi Beach is also adventure heaven for kids of all ages.


Picnic #6: Pasir Ris Park

Opening hours: All Time
Address: Pasir Ris Road off Elias Road

picnic places singapore pasir ris park

Pasir Ris Park is the perfect choice for a picnic if you are planning to bring your kids along to enjoy some family time. With a massive playground, amazing sea views and plenty of space to lay in the grass or running around for your lovely energetic children, Pasir Ris Park is rated to be the best vote for family picnics.


Picnic #7: Fort Canning Park

Opening hours: All Time
Address: River Valley Road, Singapore 179037

Fort Canning park old fort

Explore the old forts and underground bunkers before going out of the picnic blanket on the massive lawns at Fort Canning Green. Pack a board game, a frisbee, a ball or kits for the kids so that you can enjoy some fun and relax family time on the grass after finishing their nosh, or bring the scooters and do some laps of the reservoir on the shady paths. You will have fun!


Picnic #8: Marina Barrage

Opening hours: Open daily 8am – 9pm
Address: Bay East Garden, 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951

picnic spots singapore marina barrage

For a picnic spot with the most beautiful view in Singapore, nothing really beats the green expanse on the rooftop of the new Marina Reservoir! Set against the backdrop of Marina Bay, the lawn is perfect for playing areas to let the kids run wild — families can enjoy their picnic dinner while checking out the amazing views and lights of the Singapore skyline and unique night views.


Picnic #9: West Coast Park

Opening hours: All Time
Address: W Coast Ferry Road, Singapore 126978

picnic spots singapore west coast park

Similar to East Coast Park, this massive park is an incredible spot for a little nourishment! Kids love the adventure playground with its flying fox, swings and rope climbing pyramids and other playing structures while mummies and daddies can sit back and relaxes on the grass.

Moreover, if the playing areas aren’t quite enough to keep the family “occupied”, there are also huge BBQ pits available for hire!


Picnic #10: Bishan-AngMoKio Park

Opening hours: All Time
Address: 1384 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Bishan Amk Park

As one of the largest parks in Central Singapore, Bishan-AMK park contains many entertaining spots such as Grub, Canopy Garden Dining, and McDonald’s, Aramsa Garden Spa and so on.

Other amenities including dog run, playgrounds and water park. The park features lush greenery, Pond Gardens and River Plains, making it a popular choice with nearby residents for recreational activities which makes it one of the most ideal spot for family picnic.


Tuas Lalang Field (Not sure if still there)

Opening hours: All Time
Address: Tuas South Avenue 4

The Tuas Lalang Field is an open secret weapon among the photography communities for many recommended wedding, family photography taking and other projects related photoshoots. Its idyllic scenery creating a hidden picnic spot that not many people would think about as compared to the more popular spots that we mentioned on top. This making it a perfect picnic spot for families or groups that prefer quieter chilling areas without the crowds.

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Picnic Experience Singapore KlookImage source: Klook

By Angela Chen.

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