Haven’t heard of the acronym STEM? Perhaps it’s time to start learning about it and what it stands for. Even experts have predicted that STEM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) will be the academic fields of the future. Here’s what our expert has to say about STEM.

Thinker Tinkers STEM for kids Singapore

How can STEM education help my child in the future?

In STEM education, children learn that success is in participating and persevering, and failure is a learning opportunity and is not a permanent condition.

They learn to create things from everyday materials and discover out-of-box ideas. Even flimsy newspapers can become a stool strong enough to support their weight!

Such experiences will build a strong foundation to nurture them to become creative problem solvers of tomorrow.

What can I do to nurture my child’s curiosity for all things STEM?

The best way is to ride on your child’s interest and nurture it through play. Open-ended toys such as Play-Doh and Legos are great ways to start.

Paints are also great for exploration. With paint, your child can mix different paints to create new colours, dilute the paint to create different consistency or use other materials instead of brush and paper.

When venturing outdoor, playground is a perfect place to start. Your child can learn about gravity and friction just by playing on the slide. Water play areas works just as well. When playing with water guns, your child can learn about gravity, surface tension and projectile motion.

These questions were answered by Ms Fang Bao Jin, Master Trainer and founder of Thinker Tinkers.

Thinker Tinkers STEM Education


Thinker Tinkers is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) programmes specially designed by a team of highly qualified educators consisting of both ex-MOE Science Specialist and Experienced Early Childhood Educators for preschoolers aged 5 to 6.

Thinker Tinkers believe in learning through play and hands-on activities that inspire curiosity and creativity by getting preschoolers to solve real-life problems.

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