Living in Singapore, our bustling city offers much more than just shopping malls. Many of our malls have thoughtfully included free playgrounds, making them perfect spots for family outings. Whether you are looking for a quick shopping trip with the kids or a full day of fun, these playgrounds offer a safe and entertaining space for children to play and explore.

Free Playgrounds in Shopping Malls

From whimsical outdoor setups to engaging indoor play areas, these playgrounds are designed to keep our little ones happy and active. In this article, we will look at some of the best shopping malls in Singapore that feature free playgrounds, ensuring every family outing is a hit.

1. NEX

NEX Shopping Mall Free Water Playground

The SkyGarden at NEX offers a spacious outdoor playground with diverse equipment catering to children of various ages. It includes engaging slides, climbing structures, and a water play area with interactive features. This rooftop playground provides a vibrant and safe environment for kids to have fun while parents can relax nearby.

📍 23 Serangoon Central Singapore 556083 (Level 4)


2. Singapore Sports Hub Kallang Wave Mall

Singapore Sports Hub Free Water Playground

The Splash N Surf at Singapore Sports Hub Kallang Wave Mall is a water playground located on Level 3. It features a sizable Water Play Area with colorful slides for older children and a Kids Pool with a mini carousel for toddlers. Equipped with changing and shower facilities, it offers a fun and refreshing play environment for kids. Additionally, there’s a half-pipe surf zone (Stingray) and a lazy river, though these attractions are not free.

📍 1 Stadium Pl Singapore 397628 (Level 3)


3. Junction 8

junction 8 vertical playground

Junction 8 has a rooftop playground equipped with Wallhola vertical caged structure where kids can climb, slide and a engage in a variety of interactive play elements. This outdoor playground provides a fun and engaging environment for children to explore and play while enjoying the fresh air.

📍 9 Bishan Pl Singapore 579837

For more information, visit Junction 8 Vertical Wallholla Playground.


4. Westgate Mall

Westgate Free Playground

Westgate Wonderland, located on Level 4, is Singapore’s largest thematic outdoor playground in a mall. It features whimsical treehouses, interactive water play areas with fountains, and a variety of climbing structures and slides, making it a perfect spot for children to explore and play in a fantastical setting.

📍 3 Gateway Dr Singapore 608532 (Level 4)


5. Tampines 1

Tampines 1 Free Water Playground

Tampines 1 boasts an outdoor rooftop playground that combines wet and dry play areas. The water play section includes exciting water jets, while the dry area offers climbing frames and slides. This playground provides a delightful experience for young children to enjoy both water and traditional play elements.

📍 10 Tampines Central 1 Singapore 529536 (Level 5)

For more information, visit Tampines 1 Wildlife Playground.


6. Tiong Bahru Plaza

Tiong Bahru Plaza Free Playground

The rooftop playground at Tiong Bahru Plaza combines nostalgic elements with modern safety features, creating a unique and enjoyable environment for children to explore. The playground is designed in the shape of a bird which seems to resemblance the dove playground built in 1979 at the estate of Dakota Crescent.

📍 302 Tiong Bahru Rd Singapore 168732 (Level 3)


7. Northpoint City

water playground at northpoint

Cannot stand the heat? Head to Northpoint City’s wet and dry playground on Level 4, spanning over 5,300 square feet atop the roof of the mall. The aquatic-themed wet play area features water slides, a water-dunking machine and water equipment that will occupy your child for half of the day!

📍 930 Yishun Ave 2 Singapore 769098 (Level 4)


8. Causeway Point

Dinosaur themed water playground Causeway PointImage credit: Causeway Point

Causeway Point’s outdoor playground on Level 7 is based on the theme of prehistoric adventureland of the Dinosaur!  The wet playground is filled with slides, spring riders, trampolines, and more where children can engage in imaginative play. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, the mall has a playtime limit of hourly session of 45mins playtime and 15mins of changing time (Strictly no extension of playtime)

📍 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore 738099 (Level 7)

*Playground is closed till further notice.


9. IMM

IMM Free Playground

The Level 3 playground at IMM features a dry play area with a variety of climbing structures, slides, and interactive elements. This outdoor playground caters to children of different ages, providing a safe and enjoyable space for active play and exploration.

📍 2 Jurong East Street 21 Singapore 609601 (Level 3)


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10. JEM

JEM Shopping Mall Playground

The honeycomb-themed playground at JEM’s Level 5 provides children with opportunity to climb across canopy and crawl about the nests structure. With both dry and wet play areas, children can revel in an imaginative play and endless adventure.

📍 50 Jurong Gateway Rd Singapore 608549 (Level 5)


11. Changi City Point

Changi City Point Free Water Playground

Changi City Point’s Level 2 playground offers a treehouse-themed outdoor play area with slides, swings, and climbing nets. It also includes a small water play zone, creating a fun and diverse environment for children to engage in both wet and dry play activities.

📍 5 Changi Business Park Central 1 Singapore 486038 (Level 2)


12. Parkway Parade

Parkway Parade Free Playground

Ahoy matey! Visit the Parkway Parade outdoor playground on the theme marine life, allowing your little one to engage in their imaginative pirate role play. With dolphin slide, seahorse and octopus springy kiddy rides, kids with have an awesome time over the ‘sea’!

📍 80 Marine Parade Rd Singapore 449269 (Level 1)


13. IKEA Tampines & Alexandra

IKEA Smaland children's playground

IKEA Tampines & Alexandra offers an indoor playground called Småland, featuring a forest-themed play area with ball pits, slides, and climbing structures. This playground provides a safe and engaging environment for children to play while parents shop. The catch is that you can only drop off your children there for a maximum of 1 hour.

📍 317 Alexandra Rd Singapore 159965 (Level 2)
📍 60 Tampines North Dr 2 Singapore 528764
⏰ 10am – 10pm


14. Marina Square

marina square free playground

Marina Square features a small, free playground on Level 3, perfect for younger children. The playground includes a small slide and various interactive play elements, providing a cozy and safe environment for kids to enjoy while parents can shop and dine nearby. This makes it a convenient spot for families visiting the mall.

📍 6 Raffles Blvd Singapore 039594 (Level 3)


15. Sembawang Shopping Centre

sembawang shopping centre water playgroundImage source: Playpoint

Sembawang Shopping Centre features an outdoor playground located on Level 3. This dry play area is designed for children of various ages and includes a variety of slides, climbing frames, and interactive play equipment, making it an enjoyable spot for kids to have fun while families shop and dine.

📍 604 Sembawang Rd Singapore 758459 (Level 3)

*Playground is closed for upgrading till further notice.


16. Pasir Ris Mall

Pasir Ris Mall Playground

Pasir Ris Mall, a new addition to the East, features an expansive playground that is ideal for young visitors. Located conveniently near Pasir Ris MRT station, the playground offers a variety of play equipment, including climbing structures and slides, ensuring hours of fun for children while parents shop and dine.

📍 7 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519612 (Level 2)


17. Anchorvale Village

Anchorvale Village Shopping Mall Free Playground

Anchorvale Village boasts a delightful outdoor playground that features various play structures and interactive installations suitable for children of all ages. This newly opened playground is designed with safety in mind and offers a fun environment for kids to explore and play.

📍 339 Anchorvale Rd Singapore 540339


18. Lot One

Lot One Shoppers' Mall Free Playground

The dry playground at Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, located on Level 5, is a vibrant, outdoor play area perfect for kids to expend their energy. Equipped with climbing structures, slides, and interactive play panels, this playground offers a safe and engaging environment for children to play while parents enjoy shopping.

📍 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 Singapore 689812 (Level 5)


19. Shaw Plaza

Shaw Plaza Free Playground

Shaw Plaza’s Wallhola playground is a vertical caged playground that allows to engage in climbing and sliding as well. Not forgetting about the flying-fox play structure at the other end of the playground. Younger kids are not being left out too, they can enjoy their time playing around the little trampoline and a tunnel

📍 360 Balestier Rd Singapore 329783 (Level 3)


20. Aperia Mall

Aperia Mall’s outdoor playground on Level 2 offers a vibrant three-dimensional rope structure where children can climb freely in all directions. The toddler play area allow little one to explore and have fun.

📍 12 Kallang Ave Singapore 33951 (Level 2)


21. VivoCity

VivoCity Free Playground

With panoramic views of Sentosa, the Play Court on Level 2 at VivoCity is an extensive outdoor playground offers a spacious area for children to run, play, and explore. Kids can enjoy various climbing frames and structures that encourage physical activity along with the fun slide as well as trampolines. Not forgetting about the simple water play area for some splashing fun.

📍 1 HarbourFront Walk Singapore 098585 (Level 2)


22. SingPost Centre

The Wallholla Playground at SingPost Centre is a unique vertical playground that offers an exciting and space-efficient play experience for children. Kids can climb, crawl and explore through the levels of interconnected platforms, tunnels as well as slides.

📍 10 Eunos Rd 8 Singapore 408600 (Level 3)


23. Waterway Point

Waterway Point Free Water Playground

Waterway Point’s Happy Park on Level 2 is an outdoor playground that features both wet and dry play zones. Children can enjoy water jets and fountains in the wet area, while the dry section offers climbing structures and slides, providing a comprehensive play experience in a scenic environment.

📍 83 Punggol Central Singapore 828761 (Level 2)


24. Compass One

Compass One Free Water Playground

At the rooftop playground of Compass One, you will be able to find a Ninja Trail that features exciting play elements that offer engaging and splashing good times. With slides, climbing structures, and interactive play equipment, this playground is specially designed for children aged 2 to 12 years.

📍 1 Sengkang Square Singapore 545078 (Level 4)
⏰ 10am to 7pm


25. Seletar Mall

Seletar Mall Free Playground

The outdoor playground at Seletar Mall, situated on Level 4, offers a variety of play structures, including slides, climbing nets, and interactive elements. This playground provides a vibrant and dynamic environment for children to engage in physical activities and enjoy outdoor play.

📍 33 Sengkang W Ave Singapore 797653 (Level 4)


26. Our Tampines Hub

Our Tampines Hub OTH Free Playground

The playground at Out Tampines Hub is thoughtfully designed to include inclusive play elements which ensure that children of all abilities can enjoy the space together. The multispinner carousel is one key highlight of the playground, it invites children of all abilities and ages to come together.

📍 1 Tampines Walk Singapore 528523 (Level 2)


27. Eastpoint Mall

The rooftop marine-themed playground at Eastpoint Mall features a ship-inspired play structure equipped with slides, swings, and various climbing apparatuses. Kids can enjoy plenty of rope climbing and other adventurous activities!

📍 3 Simei Street 6 Singapore 528833 (Level 6)
⏰ 10.30am to 9pm


28. PLQ Mall

PLQ Parkside Free Outdoor Playground

Situated in Paya Lebar Quarter 3, the Parkside playground draws inspiration from the iconic Banyan tree that once graced the Geylang Canal. This playground features a distinctive climbing net connecting bright orange towers, emulating the Banyan tree’s expansive roots. Not forgetting about the entry points through hammock-like swings and a textured climbing wall. This intricate playground structure offers children an elevated path for adventurous play.

📍 2 Tanjong Katong Rd (Level 1)


29. Paragon

Paragon Free Playground

Paragon’s indoor playground, located on Level 5, features a colorful and safe play area with soft structures, slides, and climbing equipment. This playground caters to young children, providing a comfortable and engaging space for them to enjoy active play.

📍 290 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238859 (Level 5)


30. 313 Somerset

313 Somerset Free Playground

The small playground at 313 Somerset is perfect for keeping your active toddler entertained. Equipped with a slide, springer and a small bridge, it’s simple yet effective in providing a fun and safe environment. While your little one enjoys the engaging play structures, you can take a breather on the nearby benches, knowing they’re having a great time.

📍 313 Orchard Rd Singapore 238895


31. City Square Mall

City Square Mall Free Outdoor Playground

The outdoor playground at City Square Mall, located on Level 1, features eco-friendly play equipment made from recycled materials. The playground includes slides, climbing structures, and interactive play panels, promoting environmental awareness while providing a fun play environment for kids.

📍 180 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208539 (Level 1)


32. Great World

Great World City Playland

Let’s travel the world at Great World Playland! Suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years old, this traveling theme play area offers an exciting way to learn about transportation with fun features such as trains and hot air balloons. Explore, play, and learn in this vibrant playground designed to spark imagination and adventure.

📍 1 Kim Seng Promenade Singapore 237994 (Level 2)


Please note that the information provided is accurate at the time of publication. While every attempt has been made to ensure its completeness and accuracy, we cannot guarantee freedom from errors or omissions in this post. We encourage readers to verify with the relevant malls for the latest details.

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