The Old Dove playground is one of the few nostalgic playgrounds left in Singapore which is tucked snugly amid Dakota Crescent’s HDB blocks. As time passed, it is still well-preserved with rubber tyre swings and a slide sitting on a sandpit.

old dakota crescent estate

This old playground is designed by Mr Khor Ean Ghee in 1979, the same man who designed the other iconic playgrounds in Singapore such as the well-loved Dragon playground in Toa Payoh.

dove playground at dakota crescent

With the old playground’s distinctive faded blue mosaic appearance and its structure, it was considered one of the larger playground in its glory days. With two structures connected by a bridge, it also consists of slides (a winding side and two slides), bridge, fireman’s pole, even rubber tyre swings set in a sandbox.

vintage pyramid and slide playground

The concrete dove is linked by a metal bridge to a pyramidal structure fitted with rubber tyres as swings underneath.

trying out the old tyre swings

Sadly, as with other Singapore’s heritage sites, it seems that this Dakota old playground is going to make way for estate renewal and modernisation by the end of 2016.

walk down the memory lane at dakota playground

Ever since the blocks were constructed in the late 1950s, most residents have stayed here and HDB has declared that residents must move out by end December 2016 to pave the way for redevelopment. The fate of this old playground remains uncertain.

stairs up and slide down old playground

visit to the old blocks at dakota estate

Will the Dove playground follow the example of Toa Payoh’s Dragon Playground to be conserved amidst the estate’s redevelopment?

blk 16 dakota crescent

How to Get To Dove Playground at Dakota Crescent

Address: Blk 10 Dakota Crescent Singapore 390010
Bus: 10, 16, 30, 30e, 31, 32 and 33
Nearest MRT: Mountbatten MRT
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

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