There has been a growing need for public nursing rooms and rightly so, mothers should be given the freedom of bringing their babies out without having to worry about where to nurse or attend to them. In Best Public Nursing Rooms in Singapore Part I, we featured five nursing rooms in shopping malls for mummies. Parents will be pleased to know that there are more malls in Singapore that have beautiful nursing rooms carefully and specially designed to suit their needs.

After checking out some popular malls, hidden treasures were found! Here are another four locations with impressive baby care rooms open to the public:

Great world city nursing room

Great World City

Located at Basement 1, the baby care room welcomes mothers and their babies with cool air-conditioning, warm lights, pretty wallpaper and flowers. The area is spacious and can fit approximately 3 to 4 strollers. There are 2 diaper changing beds and 2 separate rooms with doors which can be locked for mothers to have privacy while breastfeeding their babies. Each room is furnished with a small table, a comfortable sofa chair, a lamp, and hooks on the wall. A sink, a soap dispenser, a mirror, a tissue paper compartment and a dustbin are also provided.

Scotts Orchard Nursing Room

Orchard Scotts

This relatively new mall in town has two Baby Care rooms – located beside the rest rooms at levels 2 and 3. Albeit a small cosy room, it has all the facilities that you need conveniently positioned within reach of one another – a diaper changing bed, a sofa bench, a sink, a soap dispenser, a tissue paper compartment and a dustbin. The rooms are clean and have good ventilation. The space is sufficient for 1 stroller and parents can have privacy while cleaning or nursing their babies by simply locking the sliding door.

Tanglin Mall nursing room

Tanglin Mall

The Baby Care room is located at Level 3 of this mall, next to the ladies restroom. Similar to the one at Great World City, the room is conducive with 2 diaper changing beds and 2 individual smaller rooms for nursing. The space is able to accommodate about 3 to 4 strollers. The whole area is well lit, well ventilated, and coloured with attractive wallpaper. Each individual nursing room is equipped with a sofa and a short drawer. The doors can be locked to provide privacy. Besides a sink, a soap dispenser, a mirror, a tissue paper compartment and a dustbin, there is also a hot water dispenser made available.

United square nursing room

United Square Mall

The Baby Care room is located at Level 1 of this mall. It can accommodate about 6 strollers. Users are greeted with a nice scent and cool air. It is equipped with 2 sinks, 3 diaper changing beds, and 3 nursing rooms with doors. Each nursing room has a swivel armchair and 2 built-in shelves for mothers to conveniently place their items on. Apart from a tissue paper compartment, a mirror, a dustbin and a soap dispenser, parents can make use of the hand dryer and hot and cold water dispenser freely. Towards the entrance/exit, there is also a bench for fathers and children to sit while they wait.

Written by Grace Tan.

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