Singaporeans hardly say “NO” to shopping! Whether you are young or old, single or married, shopping can be the most therapeutic way to relax yourself. Shopping is also a good time to bond with your family members. However, bringing your children out on shopping trips can be a hassle when it’s time for breast-feeding or diaper changing.

In the recent years, there are friendlier nursing rooms built within the shopping malls to cater to the parents’ needs. Here are some of the best public nursing rooms located at the different shopping malls in Singapore.

somerset 313 nursery roomSomerset 313

After hearing positive feedbacks from my friends who are currently breast feeding their children, I went down personally to have a look at the nursing rooms in this mall. I was really amazed with the facilities provided in the 3 nursing rooms within this mall.

The nursing rooms in this shopping mall are located on B3, L1 and L5. Out of the 3 nursing rooms, B3 seems to be the best as it compromises of all the facilities from L1 and L5.

In B3 nursing room, there are 2 individual rooms with curtain for mothers to breastfeed their babies. There are 2 diaper beds which are placed in vertical position, with tissue paper compartment above the bed and dustbin below each bed. The nursing room is very spacious and can accommodate around 4-5 strollers.

What was good:
The whole room is clean and dry. The nursing room also comes with the facilities of a microwave oven, hot and cold water dispenser, sink and a long bench for fathers or children to rest and relax while waiting. There is also a toilet cubicle with lock within the nursing room. It has both the adult and child-size toilet bowl in the same cubicle.

*For L1 nursing room, all the facilities are same as B3 except that there is no child-size toilet bowl inside the toilet cubicle and there is no microwave oven. For L5 nursing room, the only difference would be that it does not have a toilet inside the nursing room.

orchard ion nursery roomION Orchard

Located at the heart of Singapore, this shopping mall has provided some unique features in their nursing rooms such as bottle warmer and standing fan. With the nursing room tucked just beside the ladies toilet, it is big enough to accommodate around 2 strollers.

What was good:
It is well equipped with diaper changing bed, sink, mirror, hot and cold water dispenser and electrical point. It has white lightings which makes changing diapers a breeze. There is a baby diaper and baby bed liner dispenser where you can purchase them at $1 each. The nursing rooms are located on every level beside the toilet except on B2, L1 and L2.

Raffles City

Located at level 3, this nursing room in Raffles City gives off a comfy and homely feeling with the warm lightings and wooden furniture. The nursing room is spacious and can accommodate around 3-4 strollers.

What was good:
It has a child-size waiting area, a high chair, electrical point and sink. There are 3 diaper changing beds placed in vertical position. Under each changing beds, there is a roll of toilet paper and dustbin for the convenience of parents.

city square mall nursery roomCity Square Mall

The nursing rooms from this mall are available at B1, L2 and L4 next to the toilets. Once you step into the room, you will be greeted with cheerful cute ladybug wallpaper on the walls which brighten up your mood. The nursing room is very spacious and can accommodate up to 4 strollers.

What was good:
There are 2 individual rooms with locks and electrical points within the nursing room where mothers can breast-feed their children in private. There is also a diaper changing bed placed in horizontal position. The nursing room also have other facilities such as sink, soap dispenser as well as hot and cold water dispenser.

Parkway Parade

For people who are living in the east, Parkway Parade shopping mall has great nursing rooms on every level beside the toilets. Parents can have their private time with their children away from the crowds as the rooms are located at the end of a stretch of passage. The nursing room is spacious and can accommodate up to 2 strollers.

What was good:
There is a waiting area where the children or family members can rest. The colourful bright wallpapers liven up the room. There are 2 diaper changing beds placed in vertical position, sink, soap dispenser as well as hot and cold water dispenser.

Written by Chia Yi Wen.

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