Simple reasons why you should start your child on Wushu.

learn wushu for children

1. Wushu is a safe activity to help your child grow up stronger and healthier

Wushu is a non-contact, whole-body calisthenics workout. It uses own body weight as resistance and improves psychomotor skills, muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

2. Wushu helps your child becomes a better learner

Wushu fundamental drills help to improve focus. Children become better listeners and observers.

3. Wushu builds character

Children learn discipline, perseverance and goal settingas they go through Wushu training.

4. Wushu build confidence

Wushu as a display sport strongly emphasizes body posture and technique. Children learn to perform in front of an audience.

And the number 1 reason you should start your child on Wushu…

5. Wushu is a social activity

Children learn to make friends, play and have fun together.

Contributed by Kuen Wushu

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