What’s Pandemic?” is a book by Caroline Yeung that aims to help children relate to the pandemic at their level of understanding.

What's Pandemic Children Books Singapore

Unless parents talk about the pandemic, children may not have the opportunity to learn more about the health crisis that the world is currently facing.

Children are affected in every way. Firstly, they may not be able to go to school. For some children, school represents their entire world. A lack of physical interaction means they are not able to see their teachers and play with their friends.

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Most children can understand basic ideas but they cannot digest complex information relating to crisis measures, mandatory requirements, medical science, safety protocols, social restrictions and statistics which are consistently presented in the media.

Helping children relate to COVID19 pandemic

This book covers only the basics and it cannot replace the desire to learn more about the current health crisis. When asked about the inspiration behind this book, author Caroline Yeung shared:

I thought of coming up with a children’s book after the pandemic started and I just managed to finish this book. I think we can help children understand more instead of just telling them what to do. I realised this when I was at a store one day. A girl and her grandma were waiting outside a store (rather than inside due to social distancing reasons). The little girl (maybe around 6 or 7 years old) was not happy and she started complaining and asking a lot of ‘why’s. In the end, the grandma said, “It’s not just you. I’m not happy with this also.”

Children are frustrated during this pandemic. Unlike adults who can think through or reason, younger children may lack the ability to understand the current environment. Perhaps conversation on this topic can start among their friends when they read this book. Perhaps some children will be interested to know more about what we are going through and adjust their behaviours accordingly. There are many possibilities. At the end of the day, we know that children can help adults in more ways if they can understand and accept the current situation.”

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