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The New Age Parents Editor's Awards 2021


Best Premium Children’s Art School

ARTARY TNAP Awards 2021

If you wish for your child to unleash his or her inner artist, ARTARY, Singapore’s largest premium children’s fine art school, is the place to head. ARTARY’s curriculum fosters traditional and unconventional views toward art through regulated exposures to artworks, exercises, films, music, and games, striking the proper balance between planned activities and individual expression.

All teachers are academically trained in the arts and specially selected not only for their talent but their warm, caring personalities. With campuses all around Singapore and a convenient e-Services feature for parents to make payments, reschedule classes, and get status updates on their child’s art education, your child’s journey with ARTARY is literally just a few clicks away!

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Chengzhu Mandarin Education
Best Interactive Chinese Kindergarten and Enrichment Programmes

Chengzhu Mandarin Education TNAP Awards 2021

Chengzhu Mandarin Education offers Chinese enrichment programs for individuals of all ages. With classes for children as young as six months old, your child will be provided with lifelong memories during their formative years.

By employing a learner-centered approach, Chengzhu Mandarin Education creates a balanced atmosphere where children may study while having fun. Classes at the learning centre are grouped into three age-appropriate categories – Adult Accompanied Programme, Foundational Years Programme, and School Years Programme – so that students receive a holistic and meaningful learning experience.

Within a supportive and nurturing environment, your child will be better able to appreciate the language and culture!

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Chiltern House Preschool
Best Bilingual Preschool

Chiltern House Preschool TNAP Awards 2021

Chiltern House Preschool, part of the Julia Gabriel Education group, brings together the warmth and security of home with the stimulating and immersive experience of the EduDrama® methodology. This methodology is incorporated into all of Chiltern House Preschool’s programmes, from Pre-nursery to Kindergarten 2 classes.

Dedicated to offering a holistic educational experience for every child, Chiltern House Preschool’s comprehensive curriculum includes Physical Education, Cookery, Gardening, Speech and Drama, Music, Mandarin, Research, and even Mindfulness.

The pre-school runs full-day, half-day, and flexi-care programmes, so you can choose one that suits your family schedule best!

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Julia Gabriel Centre
Best English Drama and Communication Skills Programmes

Julia Gabriel Centre TNAP Awards 2021

At Julia Gabriel Centre, you will find a range of classes with a focus on speech, language, and literacy skills. Whichever programme you enroll your child in, an EduDrama® methodology will be employed. This methodology describes a dramatic approach to teaching and learning that empowers children with confident life skills and academic success. Your child will be encouraged to express themselves freely and step out of their comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment filled with dedicated teachers.

Today, over ten thousand students, both local and abroad, have benefitted from Julia Gabriel Centre’s innovative, creative, holistic, and award-winning communication programmes!

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NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool
Best Quality and Holistic Pre-School Education

My First Skool TNAP Awards 2021

NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool’s team of dedicated teachers makes it a point to instill a genuine joy for learning in your children through fun and practical hands-on activities such as outdoor play and fascinating science experiments.

Through unique activities such as puppet play, singing, and cultural festivities, your child’s love for language will be fostered.

Did we also mention that your child will get to enjoy chef-planned meals here? It’s no wonder they are a leader in early childhood care and education in Singapore for more than 40 years!

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Best Bilingual Student Care

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan SchoolAfterSchool TNAP Awards 2021

SchoolAfterSchool is the only bilingual-speaking student care in Singapore. Here, your child will be immersed in a bilingual learning environment with a variety of well-designed and selective programmes that are created to inspire further learning.

Aside from enrichment sessions teaching a combination of Chinese recitation, Chinese Speech and Drama, Creative Arts, Zumba, Wushu, and more, students engage in unique activities such as gardening at team sports.

Health is wealth, and the team at SchoolAfterSchool takes this seriously. Your child will get to enjoy healthy meals at the after-school care. Meals offered feature brown rice, meat, and a range of fruits and vegetables to introduce new foods to their diet.

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Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe
Best Children Chinese Learning Centre

Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe TNAP Awards 2021

If you’re looking to nurture your child’s love for Mandarin, Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Cultural Academy, one of the pioneer centres that started Mandarin speech and drama programmes in Singapore, is your best bet.

With over 30 years of experience, you can be sure that the innovative approaches used by the enrichment center, including role-playing and creative writing, will encourage your child to speak Mandarin and associate the language with self-expression, joy, and creativity.

Courses range from those suitable for toddlers, children in pre-school, primary school, as well as secondary school. Besides physical lessons at the academy’s centre at Toa Payoh, virtual lessons, and online activities are available for enrollment.

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Best Public Speaking School

Stariffic TNAP Awards 2021

With an understanding that every child has the ability to speak with confidence and conviction, the team at Starrific, Singapore’s first elite public speaking school, developed a curriculum that focuses on building confidence and technique, structure, and speech flow, as well as overall delivery and speech.

At Stariffic, you will find carefully curated lessons for different age ranges. Couple that with unique and time-tested methodologies like the S.T.A.R. Method, the O.M.G. Approach, and your child will be transformed into a confident and persuasive communicator in no time.

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