The 15th day of the eighth month on the lunar calendar 八月十五 is a special day for the Chinese. During the night, adults sip tea and children carry lanterns under a full moon 🌕. Still, don’t know what’s the special occasion? Here’s another hint – Mooncakes.

Mooncakes 🥮 have become synonymous with Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore.

There are so many types and flavours rolled out each year that consumers are spoilt for choice. If you feel lost and confused, don’t worry.

From snowskin to traditional flavours, we have come up with a list of the best mooncakes you can get in Singapore.

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 17 September this year, so there’s still some time to decide which mooncakes to buy.

1. Whyzee

Whyzee creates the best desserts that are each whipped to meet the unique needs and tastes of all in Singapore. Whatever the celebration – birthday, wedding, or a simple party – make the occasion more special with a dessert match made in heaven.

Whyzee White Lotus Mooncake

Whyzee’s masterfully handmade & crafted Mid-Autumn mooncake range has recently been added. Baked to perfection, savoury and sweet, Whyzee’s newest mooncake range includes classic flavours from Lotus and Custard mooncakes to local flavours such as Pandan and Sambal.

Using only the most premium of ingredients, Whyzee’s mooncakes guarantee the best quality and make for perfect gifts for friends and family.

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2. Wang Lai Bakery

Wang Lai Bakery, established in 1968, has been a popular confectionary booth located in Chinatown that specialises in traditional Chinese goodies. Preserving a traditional recipe passed down for 4 generations in the family, extraordinary efforts have been taken to constantly tweak and improve the family recipes to be as close as possible to perfection. Each goodie is lovingly handcrafted and plenty of attention is given to every single detail of its construction.

Wang Lai Bakery Mooncakes

Wang Lai Bakery’s signature mooncake collection is back and better than ever for the Mid-Autumn festival. With both traditional and modern flavours available, there’s something for everyone. Wang Lai Bakery also offers low in sugar mooncakes, perfect for the older generation. With no preservatives added, Wang Lai Bakery’s mooncakes are guaranteed to settle all your mooncake needs this Mid-Autumn Festival.

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3. Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-la Traditional Mooncakes

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Shangri-La’s exquisite mooncake collection, designed to create cherished memories and reunions. In collaboration with Bynd Artisan, enjoy a limited-edition velvety box set that doubles as a jewellery box, featuring four Red Date Pumpkin Seed with Bird’s Nest Mooncakes by Executive Chinese Chef Daniel Cheung. This set includes an invitation to a Bynd Artisan leather crafting workshop. The collection also offers Plant-based Shanghai Mooncakes, bespoke Origin Bar Cocktail Bakedskin Mooncakes, and a Shangri-La Mooncake Selection Gift Box with 50-year aged mandarin peel. Enhanced Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncakes and a unique Kid’s Mooncake Building Set complete the range.

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4. Fairmont Singapore

Fairmont Snowskin Mooncakes

This Mid-Autumn, indulge in Fairmont Singapore’s selection of timeless classics and innovative creations. Our exceptional Baked Mooncakes include Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and with Pine Nuts & Pumpkin Seeds. Discover our new Mini Baked Mooncake flavours: Mango Pomelo, Orh Nee with Pumpkin, and Hojicha Latte. Our Snowskin Mooncake collection features Whisky Orange, Yuzu Pear, and the beloved Champagne Truffle. Each mooncake reflects our commitment to excellence, ensuring an extraordinary festive celebration.

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5. Fullerton

Fullerton Traditional Mooncakes

Celebrate Mid-Autumn with Fullerton’s artisanal mooncake collection, where new flavours and classic favourites meet. Crafted with reduced sugar, these mooncakes promise elegant reunions while honouring tradition. Send heartfelt greetings with our signature gift sets, perfect for business associates and loved ones.

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6. Four Seasons

Four Seasons Durian Mooncakes

Enjoy the pure Wang Zhong Wang Durian puree encased in our special recipe snow skin, with no added sugar or preservatives. These rich, creamy, bite-sized mooncakes are halal-certified and vegetarian-friendly, available in a box of 8 mini pieces. Exclusively on Shopee, each handcrafted mooncake features a delicate thin skin, occasionally showing more durian filling, a natural characteristic of our quality.

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7. Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Traditional Mooncakes

Start your Mid-Autumn shopping early with Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s mooncakes from the award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. This year, we present five new meticulously handcrafted flavours, perfect for both traditional and modern tastes. Highlights include Imperial “Long Jing” Tea with Pecan Nuts and Rose Tea with Rosé Champagne Praline. Each mooncake is a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

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8. Conrad

Conrad Traditional Mooncakes

Elevate your Mid-Autumn Festival with Conrad’s luxurious mooncakes, presented in a cream-coloured leatherette box or a limited-edition fashionable bag, both adorned with elegant peony motifs. Perfect for gifting or personal indulgence, our mooncakes promise to make your celebrations truly special.

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9. The Pine Garden

The Pine Garden is a heartland-boutique bakery with over 39 years of history and heritage that revels in the culture of celebrations. Every creation at The Pine Garden comes straight from the heart – each pastry carefully and lovingly handcrafted by a team of devoted bakers, serving only the freshest bakes one can find while reminiscing the traditional taste.

Pine Garden Traditional and Snowskin Mooncakes

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Please note that the information provided is accurate at the time of publication. While every attempt has been made to ensure its completeness and accuracy, we cannot guarantee freedom from errors or omissions in this post. We encourage readers to verify with the relevant owners for the latest promotions and details.

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