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As we enter a post-covid era, working from home is no longer a thing of the past. While there are perks of working from home, there are setbacks too such as a lack of distinction between office and home.

This means having to juggle zoom meetings with your toddler tugging at you in the background or having to explain the sudden interruptions to your boss and colleagues.

best baby high chair Combi BEDi

For parents with a baby, it’s a tougher act. How do you manage calls or online meetings with a baby crying vying for your attention? Time to plan and think about how you’re able to work safely and comfortably with a baby or toddler at home.

Types of Baby High Chairs

When your little one reaches 4 to 6 months old and soft foods are being introduced, a high chair will come in handy during meal times. It is time to find the best baby high chair for your baby.

With so many different types of baby high chairs out there, how do you find the best baby high chair for you and your hub?

To help you make a more informed decision on finding the best baby high chair, here’s a handy guide:

Types of Baby High Chair Traditional Baby High Chair Convertible Baby High Chair Portable Baby High Chair
Function A raised chair that allows baby to eat at your level Multi-purpose chair that grows with your baby from infant to toddler, or sometimes longer Small foldable fabric chair that hooks onto tables or benches
Pros Inexpensive and simpler to use Multi-functionable, can be used other than just a chair. Built to last as it grows with your baby, better value for money Inexpensive and less bulky. Convenient to travel with and take to your parents or in-law’s house
Cons Short life span, chair size can’t be adjusted Might need more time to familiarise with different set ups and functions Not as sturdy or solid, short life span, chair size can’t be adjusted
Cost $$ $$$ $

Once you’ve decided the type of baby high chair you want to get, think about these points next:

Do I have space to put a baby chair at home?

  • Where will the high chair be used the most? The living room, kitchen or?
  • Is there enough room to move the chair around?
  • Where are you going to store it?

How safe is the baby chair?

  • Does it have a wide and stable base?
  • Are there adjustable safety straps?
  • Are there safe latches and closures?
  • Is the seat height adjustable?
  • Are there rough edges or exposed hinges?
  • If it has wheels, are there wheel locks?

Is the baby chair easy to clean?

  • Are there removable parts in the high chair?
  • Are there spaces in the high chair that is hard to clean?
  • If there is fabric or cushion, is it removable and machine-washable?
  • Can the feeding tray be removed for easy cleaning?

How versatile is the baby chair?

  • Can it grow with a baby from infancy to toddlerhood?
  • Can it be used in other areas besides feeding?
  • Is it easy for mummy to move around the house alone?
  • Does it come with padding that will support and keep the baby comfortable?

Now that working from home has become a more common practice, it would be wise to think of products to help you juggle work and routine care. This means looking at parenting products that are built to last, versatile and multiple-purposed.

So instead of getting a high chair or rocking chair that is designed for a specific age and weight that can only be used during meal times, consider getting one that can be converted into other functions to make routine care easier for you.

We believe the best baby high chair is one that not only caters to your baby for the next few months but one that will grow with them through the years.

This is why we are really excited to learn about Combi BEDi Long Parenting Station. Whether you’re working from home dad or a stay-at-home mum, it is every parent’s lifesaver.

Not Just Another Baby High Chair

Combi BEDi Long Baby High Chair

Combi BEDi Long Parenting Station is not your run-off-the mill baby hair chair. It is made with the best intentions and quality, designed to make your life more comfortable, convenient, and conducive.

Long Usage: Worth every dollar

Most baby high chairs only last for a year or two, depending on your little one’s growth. But not the Combi BEDi Long Parenting Station.

The different adjustable positions allow it to be used from birth to 4 years old. A great investment piece for you and your family, especially if you’re planning to have another baby in the future.

Multifunctional: Use it in 4 ways!

What we love is how the Combi BEDi Long Parenting Station can be converted into other functions.

You can use it as a high chair, day bed, a diaper change table or a swing bed.

If your bub is 0 to 6 months old, the day bed and swing bed mode is most ideal and will be used most. Baby did a poop? Simply adjust the height and watch it transform into a diaper table.

Click the play button in the video below to see how it can transform to different heights and functions!

Putting Baby To Sleep Hands-Free

Combi BEDi baby high chair

Need to dash for a zoom meeting in 10 minutes but have yet to put baby to sleep? Combi BEDi’s Manual Swinging Function saves the day.

It activates a gently swinging motion which helps to put the baby to sleep, hands-free. More time to jump on that zoom meeting or catch up on any emails.

Baby Gets Quality Nap Time Even In In The Day

Combi BEDi Best Long Baby High Chair

Indoor light from homes or hot rays outside might make it difficult for babies to sleep.

With BEDi’s “Sleep Shell” canopy cover, you can block indoor or outdoor UV and adjust it to the ideal darkness you want for your little baby, so they can have quality snooze anytime, anywhere at home.

Baby Is Never Out Of Your Sight

Combi understands the importance of your baby being supervised.

That is why Combi BEDi LongParenting Station is made to be easily manoeuvred to where you want it to be with its 4 Silent Swivel rubber wheels.

Move your baby to your work desk, in the kitchen or bathroom. So even if you’re working, cooking or cleaning, the baby is never out of your sight.

A big safety plus for us – the wheels can also be locked to keep it firmly in place.

Comfortable + Easy to Clean

BEDi Dacco Plus Seat Cushion Machine Washable

Uh oh, baby spilled food or milk on the cushion seat? No sweat. To clean the inner plastic body of the high chair, simply use a piece of damp cloth.

The Dacco Plus cushion sheets are also water repellent and can be detached. Best of all, they are machine-washable!
The reversible cushion is soft to touch and made to cradle your baby in the most relaxed and cosy position.

The Best Baby High Chair In Town

Combi BEDi Long High Chair

All in all, Combi BEDi Long Parenting Station is a great tool to assist you in your day-to-day activities, especially if you’re the sole caregiver of your baby in the day.

This multiple-purpose unit not only helps ease your parenting duties but also benefits your baby by helping them to sleep better and supporting them during meal times.

Where to get the best baby high chair: Online at Lazada or Shopee

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By Michelle Ang.

Combi TNAP Editors Awards

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