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Whether it is body changes or sleep problems, your pre and post-pregnancy journey can be immensely tiring.

If you are looking for a good massage to help alleviate all that tension, it’s time to consider traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Or more specifically, TCM Tuina massage, which adopts the same principle as acupuncture.

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It works by creating balance in the body, as the flow of Qi (also known as life force or vital energy) in the energetic meridian acupoints are stimulated.

An improper flow of Qi can lead to blockages like tension, soreness and poor blood circulation. This causes toxins to accumulate in one’s body. TCM Tuina massage works by unblocking these areas of tension, releasing trapped energy and relieving the body’s tightness.

It also boosts the immune and circulatory system, enabling the body to recharge and rejuvenate.

Prenatal benefits of TCM massage

Whilst pregnancy is an exciting journey, it inevitably brings about those nasty body aches and muscle tightness that most mums dread. These side effects can’t be avoided, but they can certainly be managed with a good TCM prenatal massage, utilising the Tuina method.

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One of its most important benefits is preparing the body for labour and delivery. During the massage, muscles are relaxed and flexibility increases. This makes it easier for the birth canal to open up and accommodate your baby’s movements.

If you suffer from uncomfortable swelling feet, leg cramps or back pain, a TCM prenatal massage can help alleviate symptoms. The stimulation of soft tissues reduces the collection of fluids in swollen joints and boosts the removal of tissue waste carried by the body’s lymph system. Muscular tension is also eased, promoting blood circulation to alleviate cramps.

Pregnancy can also cause sleepless nights due to that uncomfortable baby bump. TCM massage supports the release of serotonin, a chemical promoting deeper sleep. And we all know how a night of good sleep is instrumental in boosting one’s immune system during such a critical period.

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Postnatal benefits of TCM massage

Once you welcome your newborn into the world, your postpartum recovery becomes crucial. Your body may have gone through drastic changes, especially if you’ve had a cesarean birth or other postpartum complications.

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Focusing on areas like the head, shoulders, neck, back, waist, tummy and legs, a TCM postnatal massage can speed up your recovery process and enhance overall immunity.

As mentioned, a common pregnancy ailment is feet swelling due to water retention. A postnatal massage helps drain excess fluid to relieve swelling.

It also helps improve lactation for better breastfeeding, by stimulating the flow of milk and relieving pain from engorged breasts.

To speed up recuperation after delivery, postnatal TCM massage focuses on the womb area as well. Massaging the womb helps it contract to its original size, and realigns it back to its original position. This helps prevent uterine prolapse, a serious condition where vaginal childbirth or other conditions weaken the muscles and tissues of the pelvic floor, so they can no longer support the weight of the uterus.

As you will need all the extra energy to look after your newborn, having a good sleep is essential too. Going for a postnatal massage will help ease tense muscles and relieve pregnancy backache, thus promoting better rest as soon as you hit the pillow.

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Taking care of your child with TCM paediatric Tuina

Joyre TCM Paediatric Tuina

It’s not only you who may need some TLC before and after giving birth. Your little one can benefit from paediatric Tuina as well. It works in a similar way to Tuina massage therapy for adults, with treatment specifically catered to your child’s pathology and physiology.

Some areas of treatment include abdominal care for conditions like constipation, diarrhoea and poor appetite. Treatment also helps with respiratory illnesses like cough and flu, and stimulates brain development in the process.

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Taking the first step in your pre and postnatal journey towards wellness

If you are looking for a trusted TCM provider to support you as you journey through pregnancy, look no further than Joyre Group.

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A reputable wellness chain founded in Singapore, Joyre Group, which includes Joyre TCMedi Spa, Syoujin and Bao Ma, aims to promote TCM treatments to treatments designed to match each individual’s lifestyle and body constitution.

Do check out the centre’s promotions for Pediatric Tuina, Pre, and Postnatal. Contact them here to schedule a consultation or treatment session.

This post is brought to you by Joyre Group.

By Rebecca Wong.

Joyre TNAP Editors Awards

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