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Do you remember your child’s first piece of drawing? To an adult’s eyes, it probably looked like a bunch of squiggles. But while your child was creating their first masterpiece, did you know they were also picking up important life skills?

Benefits Of Art For Children

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The benefits of art for children are aplenty. Even the act of holding a paintbrush is crucial, as it aids in the physical development of fine motor skills.

Cognitively, art expands a child’s vocabulary and ability to interact with their environment. It provides them with a platform to hone their self-expression and communication skills.

From a social-emotionally context, when children are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating something of their own, it empowers them to try new things, be more confident, creative, and curious.

Just ask Lim Yu Koh, who saw the benefits of art education in her two children, Fu Yu and Xin Yu, who are 6 and 8 years old respectively. Both have been attending art classes at ARTARY.

“After a few art classes, I started to see how my kids were getting more interested in art; they were sharing a lot about things they learnt in class which was unusual since they were not usually chatty about what happens in school,” says the mum of two.

“What really impressed my husband and me was their improved confidence in sharing and their creativity. Once, we were looking at clouds and the kids were identifying different animals the clouds resembled, which was very fascinating to me. When they just started art classes with ARTARY, my son even asked me to bring him to the museum.”

Giving Children A Global Learning Experience

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Art allows children to acquire and build strong foundation skills and techniques such as observing, analysing, inferencing, and thinking out of the box. It also fosters soft skills such as appreciation, empathy, and awareness.

Yu Koh explains, “What we felt was lacking in our children’s education was the balance of how we see and appreciate life. We wanted to expose them to the arts at a young age to help them gain a different perspective from their peers and ours,”

One of the core tenents of ARTARY is to give children a global learning experience. Adopting a progressive approach, their art programmes have been carefully thought through to allow children to explore art through universal themes.

For example, to learn about the world around them, students embark on themes such as “Around the World Europe”, “Prehistoric World!” and “Fashion Week”.

Strengthening Parent and Child Bonds

Art beautifies, captures memories, communicates ideas, imparts values and evokes emotions. It also acts as a catalyst for parents and children to bond.

Mum Yu Koh recounts a memorable moment of how her family dived into a spontaneous project together. It all started when her children were working on an ultra-violet light artwork.

“The kids were really excited about UV light fluorescent paint, which they used at an ARTARY class. We ended up buying a UV light for home and did some fabric painting on t-shirts. One artwork that led to a whole lot of good money and time spent! But worth it,” quips the mum.

Structured and Disciplined

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A common misconception of teaching art and creativity is that it has little or no structure. However, creativity does not occur by chance, and creative training is structured and disciplined.

Through controlled exposures to artworks, exercises, videos, songs and games, ARTARY’s curriculum encourages conventional and unorthodox attitudes towards art, achieving the right balance between structured activities and individual expression.

Where To Find Children Art Class in Singapore

If you wish for your child to have a unique art experience, ARTARY is the place to seek. Yu Koh, whose two children have been attending ARTARY art classes for 3 years, can attest to this.

“For the times we tried to see what’s better around, we could not find another that could give us the confidence in their programmes,” Yu Koh reveals.

Another plus point of ARTARY is their e-Services, designed for busy Singaporean students and working parents.

With just a few clicks, parents can make payments effortlessly, reschedule classes, and stay updated on their child’s art education plan with full accountability and transparency.

For example, before their class, Yu Koh’s children can show her what art projects they will be working on for the week. This is available on ARTARY’s online portal and it has been a great conversation starter while they head to class.

She adds, “ARTARY’s programmes are well communicated to parents online after each session. At the end of the day, trust, communication and confidence in the programmes are what we parents look for in education.”

Premium Children Art Class

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If a high quality, trusty-worthy and professional children art class is what you’re after, check out ARTARY, Singapore’s largest premium children’s fine art school.

ARTARY’s campuses island-wide is fully owned and operated by a team focused on providing the best art experience for children and teens. Enjoy a 30-day rescheduling window with no enrolment deposits when you sign up here.

This post is brought to you by ARTARY.

By Michelle Ang.

Artary TNAP Editors Awards

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