People all over the world have their own distinct talents and they have their own mark on society. There are a lot of differences that we all have, but there is also a fact that we are all alike.

alphabet for kids

But if we’d look at it closely, everyone has one thing in common when it comes to language and that is the ALPHABET.

For parents who do not know how to teach alphabets for kids, it would be a challenge to them. But for those who have the passion to teach, it would be a very fulfilling and fun experience. It is a fact that it is hard to teach kids especially if you do not have the patience. Being a part of learning is good, but seeing kids learn from you is the best.

Now, how hard it is to teach ABC if you are not a teacher? Truth is it is not hard. It is just as easy as a pie. Here are some tips that you could use in order to make the learning fun and exciting at the same time:

#1 What more is the easiest way to teach the alphabet but to teach the alphabet song?

#2 Try to use flashcards with colourful pictures and let the child repeat after you once you said the name of the object is. Make sure that the picture on one flashcard starts with the alphabet that you want to teach.


For example, if the English alphabet on that card is the letter C, the name of the object on your card should start with the letter C, like Cat, Cake, Cap, or Crib. Do not use an object that would be very hard for the child to say or remember like Chocolate or Chip because you will lose the main point of teaching the basics and the simplest pronunciation of the letter. It would be fun to try to make your own flashcards especially if you know the interests of the child. You could use his or her favourite things as your subject on the flashcards.

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#3 Try to put a reward on every letter that the child will say and if he or she gives an example of a word that starts with a specific letter. For example, A – Apple, B – Boy, C – Cake. You should give a reward for each example. A candy or chocolate perhaps?

#4 Do not limit the learning inside the house. Go out for a walk. Visit a park. And from there, play a game with your child and look for objects that start with your ABCs. Of course, start it from the first letter of the alphabet down to the last.

Picnic in the park

#5 Let the child give names of his or her friends, and again, start from the first alphabet. The child should give different names of his or her friends following the ABC pattern – Anna, Britney, Charlie, David, Ellen and so on and so forth…

#6 Last but not least, try using instructional DVDs and watch it with your child. There are a lot of instructional DVDs about the alphabets for kids and it is also interactive. These instructional DVDs would help a lot because learning would be just like leisure for the kid. Watching TV is fun and efficient if you learn at the same time.

Who says teaching the alphabet is hard? With our easy steps above, teaching ABC would be as easy as 1 2 3.

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