Question: My son is 6 years old now. He had eczema in the past (has already recovered) and is allergic to dust, mites, animal furs. I have been giving him allergy medicine Zyrtec daily and if he skips a day he will have watery eyes and running nose. He loves dogs and he can’t even touch or play with them. His eyes will turn red and his body will have spots. Is there anyway way to overcome this allergy and stop him from medicine totally?

child allergic to pet dog

Answer: Allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis is frequent in local school children, and the commonest trigger is house dust mites allergens. Allergy medications are effective and safe to be consumed for prolonged duration. Allergen avoidance is important in the management.

Immunotherapy is another treatment modality and the only one that can alter the natural history of the disease and possibly cure the allergy. This involves introducing a small amount of protein to the body regularly, so as to dampen the allergic response and induce the immune system to be tolerant of the allergen. Sublingual immunotherapy to house dust mites has been shown to be effective in controlling the allergic symptoms and can be considered for your son.

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