Importance of Flash Cards

Fascinating to children, flashcards are ideal for children stimulation and fun learning. Showing flashcards to children is not specifically for giving knowledge to children.

Flash Card Method Heguru Eunos

There are four important reasons for flashing cards:

1) Activate Your Child’s Right Brain

When we flashcards at high speed and in large quantity to your child, your child’s left brain will not be quick enough to process a large amount of information. That is how the right brain will take over the task and gets stimulated during the process. This activates your child’s right brain potential to start processing a massive amount of information at a very high speed.

2) Develop Your Child’s Instant Memory

It helps to develop your child’s instant memory, which is a powerful function of the right brain.

3) Strengthen the Connection between the Right and Left Brain

As your child uses his/her right brain to process the images, his/her left brain is simultaneously processing the words spoken during the flashing of cards. As a result, this technique strengthens the connection between both sides of the brain.

4) Increase Your Child’s Library of Information

The information on the flashcards is absorbed by your child over time, building up your child’s general knowledge in his/her subconscious mind that is present in the right brain.

Heguru Eunos Art of Flashing

How to show Flash Cards:

The key is to flash many cards as fast as possible – preferably more than 1 card per second – 2-3 times a day, adding more and more cards each time. The method of flashing cards is to shuffle the cards from the back to the front, separating each set with a title. Try to cover as much content as possible without repeating the same set twice at a time.

Note: Children 2-3 years of age are generally more active. If your child is unable to sit through all the cards at one shot, you can divide them into 2 sets and flash them separately, having a short break in between.

Heguru – Our Unique Super Flash Segment

Heguru Education Centre has a unique segment where we flashcards at high speed and in large quantity on various topics. This added dimension to the regular flashcards will heighten the effectiveness of the technique on your child.

Want to see just how fast our Superflash segment can be? Or learn more about this unique programme of Heguru?

Visit us at

By Kuah Eng Liang, Principal of Heguru Education Centre and certified Heguru Instructor.

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