Teaching your child basic safety concepts makes him more aware of his surroundings. It is also important for children to learn how they can be responsible for their own safety.

cross road safely

Crossing the Road

Road safety can be taught to children, at the age of three. Practice crossing the road together with your child and explain the danger signs they should look out for. Traffic lights might be a little more difficult to explain but you can start by playing up with the colors. Give them the idea of what a pedestrian lane is and always point out the significance of the side walk.

Not Talking to Strangers

When we were young, we were all taught to refrain from taking to strangers. It is normal for parents to warn their children about the dangers to talking to strangers. However, do be careful of how you warn your children as they might start to develop a fear to anyone or everyone, because they might think every stranger is dangerous and out to harm them. Explain to your children that there are strangers out there who are nice and appropriate to speak with as well. This way, children may be less anxious when building healthy relationship with new people.

Other tips

Never restrict your child to activities that require adult supervision

Give them opportunities to enjoy free play where they can rediscover wonders of the natural world and enjoy a good time with other children.

Encourage independence at an early age

Teaching them to brush their teeth alone or doing their own chores such as putting their toys back will help to instill some independence.

Allow children to take some risks

Why A Little Danger Is Good: 4 Things To Expose Your Kids

Do not always rush to ‘save’ them. Facing small challenges and overcoming them on their own will boost their confidence and self-concept.

Communicate with your child

Talking to your child about the birds and the bees

Talk to your child about his daily activities, his playmates and their parents. They can share stories about how the other children are treated at home. This way you can get an idea of what your child enjoys and what disappoints him.

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