Interview with Rebecca Chan, Founder of Origins Jamu Massage in Singapore

1. Hi Rebecca, what inspired you to set up Origins Jamu Massage?

It was after a personal experience back in 2005. I did my first postnatal massage and was amazed how the sessions benefited me. As a strong believer that “Health is the Greatest Wealth “, I hope to educate mothers on the importance of postpartum massage. Out of passion and interest, I went hands-on studied with a very experience Postnatal Specialist, to learn the Original Jamu Massage techniques, skills and related knowledge in this field.

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2. Can you describe in more details what is Jamu Postnatal Massage?

Jamu Postnatal massage originates from Indonesia and is carried out for forty days after the arrival of the newborn. This is to help the mother regain her Looks, Health, Strength and Energy. The treatment is usually done at home and carrying out by an experienced masseuse known as “Ibu Pijat”

The masseuse uses herbal oil for body massage to restore the muscle tone. This is followed by pulling the mother’s hair back tightly to remove wind and relieve migraines or headache. At this stage, Jamu herbs called “Tapel” is mixed with water to form a paste. This cleanses out any blood remaining in the womb, firms the muscles and shrinks the stomach. Such precautions counteract stomach ache and help the mother regain her figure. For external care, Jamu “Pilis Wangi” helps to make the eyes bright and reduce dizziness after birth.

Finally, the binding is put in place. The binder known as ‘bengkung’ in Javanese swaddles from the rib cage to the hips. This is made of cotton cloth. To achieve its objective, the binding needs to be reasonably tight. This also helps to straighten back the curve spine of the mother after 9 months of carrying extreme weight around.

3. How does Jamu post-natal massage help a new mummy?

Jamu Postnatal Massage benefits more than skin deep.

Post Natal Massage Singapore

Some of the benefits includes:

  • Helps to tighten back and tone over-stretched tummy
  • Speed up recovery afterbirth
  • Helps to get rid of “Trapped Wind” in your Body
  • Helps to eliminate toxins and reduce water retention
  • Helps to gain back your energy level
  • Straighten back your curved spine
  • Relieves body aches & leg cramps
  • Helps to relieve constipation
  • Speeds up shrinkage of womb
  • Helps to remove remaining blood clots
  • Helps to reduce postnatal depression
  • Build up Confidence

4. When is it most effective period to be engaged in Jamu massage for natural delivery mum?

For mums who went through natural delivery, we recommend starting the session at least 5-7 days after birth.

5. What is your advice to mum doing C-sect?

For mums who are doing C-sect, we recommend you to consider postnatal massage as part of your postpartum care. Massage can be done at least 3-4 weeks after birth depending on the recovery of your wound. Postnatal massage is still effective within the first 2 months after delivery.

6. Understand that you have lactation services using Hot Stones. What is Hot Stones?

Yes, we have incorporated an additional lactation service to help in breastfeeding problems such as engorgement and blocked ducts that are commonly faced during the early days of breastfeeding. We used Hot Stone compressed to enhance the effectiveness of this service as well to maximize healing during the massage.

Hot Stones have been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times. They are volcanic basalt stones which have an extraordinary ability to store and emanate a consistent and soothing heat for a long period of time. The penetrating heat from the hot stones relaxes the muscles, which allows for deeper relaxation. Hot Stone Compress used in postnatal massage aids to break stubborn fats, hasten the shrinkage of the enlarged uterus, flatten the abdomen and get rid of trapped wind and toxins after delivery.

7. How can baby massage be beneficial to the baby?

Definitely! Studies have shown that baby massage helps building bonding, offer a sense of security for the newborn, improves blood circulation and aid in digestive system. It also helps to improve and prevent colic conditions and promote calming effects.

8. Is there any difference between Jamu Postnatal Massage and traditional Javanese massage? Is yes, how?

Jamu Postnatal Massage is specially designed for mothers after delivery. The techniques, pressure and Jamu herbs used are specially catered for postnatal.

Traditional Javanese massage is a regular oil massage suitable for maintaining a healthy lymphatic system.

9. Being a professional in taking care of the well-being of a new mom, what is your advice to them?

Being a mum is definitely not an easy task especially if you are a new mum. Do have proper postpartum care that includes taking care of yourself externally, internally and mentally. Have proper confinement food, ample rest and do not be shy to ask for a helping hand. Motherhood should be enjoyable.

10. Describe your business in one sentence…

Bringing an Ancient Secret of Jamu Postnatal Massage into the comfort of your home.

We thank Ms Rebecca Chan for her valuable time.

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