Giving birth to your baby does not mean the end of the connection between him and the doctor. The fact is, it is more crucial for the baby to see his paediatrician a few weeks after birth in order to keep track of his growth and development. Your first baby doctor visit will see to it that your baby is having the right kind and amount of food he needs to properly develop and mature. This could also be your chance to ask the doctor some questions regarding your baby’s health and condition.

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There are many reasons why you need to bring your baby to the paediatrician two weeks after birth. A growth check is essential and your baby should be weighed and measured in order to know if he is growing properly. Your paediatrician will also have the chance to check on little progress which your baby is showing like reacting to simple noises, following moving objects with his eyes and lifting his head.

Once you are headed to the paediatrician, you should be able to make sure that you do the following:

• Bring some books and toys to keep your baby away from boredom while you stay in the waiting area.

• Be sure to make a list of the things you want to know and to clarify with your doctor. This is your great chance to ask for certain issues that concern your baby. Your doctor is an authority when it comes to baby protection and welfare.

• If in case the baby is sick, you should take note of some details including symptoms and frequency of attacks or when they occur.

• Speak up for your child. He has no ability to speak for himself that is why you need to be sensitive about his feelings and needs.

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• Avoid Monday or Friday appointments because these days are packed with sick kids who have waited to see the doctor for the week or who is in a rush to be checked.

• Make a schedule in the morning. As the day progresses, more and more patients will be enlisted down. You wouldn’t want to wait in the long line with your baby crying out of boredom.

• You should expect the baby to wail as hard as he can once he is given some vaccination shots. Try all means to calm him down and assure him that you are always by his side to comfort him.

Baby doctor visits can be threatening to them but once you have scheduled a check-up, see to it that you have fed the baby before proceeding to the clinic or the hospital. The feeding promotes intimate bonds that ease the baby’s discomforts. Preparing for the visit is ensuring a worthwhile experience for you and your baby. Keep him safe and protected as you work out for his general welfare and good health.

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