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Pregnancy can be a long and stressful period where the mother’s body goes through many changes – both physically and emotionally. Proper postpartum care is important for the new mother to adjust and recover from childbirth after delivery.

Postnatal massage has many benefits such as providing relaxation, relieving muscle aches and improving blood circulation. Jamu massage is a traditional Indonesian massage deemed as a necessity for post-delivery since centuries ago and it is still widely practised today due to its vast benefits.

Alltentic Jamu Massage specialises in home service postnatal jamu massage, combining the best of traditional massage techniques and natural healing jamu herbs to provide a holistic recovery for new mums.

AllTenTic Jamu Massage Singapore Post-Natal Home Massage

What is Jamu Massage?

Jamu massage involves massaging the body with the specially formulated jamu concoction, comprising various flowers, herbs and plants that are customised and blended especially for post-delivery healing.

Volcanic heated stone compress therapy is also used in the jamu massage for its many benefits such as expelling wind, toxins, blood clots in the womb after delivery, aiding in the breakdown of stubborn fat and quickening the healing of the uterus. The penetrating heat from the hot stones also helps to relax the muscles, allowing deeper relaxation for the new mommy!

AllTenTic Jamu Post-Natal Massage for new mothers

One of the unique traditions and also the final step of postnatal jamu massage is traditional binding.

Binding helps to expel and prevent wind from entering the body, reduces tummy size after delivery and tightens the stomach muscles. Binding also helps to support and straighten our spine which is important as a new mother’s spine tends to be slightly curved due to the weight of the baby.

Alltentic Jamu Massage provides a specially designed binder made with the finest selection of batik cloth, offering you comfort without compromising the effectiveness of traditional binding!

Jamu Pilis is also used during the treatment. The jamu helps to reduce dizziness and blurry vision and it is also believed that this helps to prevent the onset of headaches during old age.

And to ensure that the postnatal treatments are comprehensive to the needs of the modern woman today, Alltentic Jamu Massage combined value-added services such as lactation massage, baby massage classes, educating of postnatal care recovery and pro-breastfeeding support. All the services are provided and delivered by their team of dedicated in-house local therapists who are specially trained.

Through providing the actual treatment and also through their sharing of postnatal care recovery, they hope to help new mothers to transit smoothly into their new roles of motherhood and to be able to regain their health, looks and confidence.

AllTenTic Jamu Post-Natal Massage Singapore

What does a Jamu Postnatal Massage package entail?

Alltentic Signature Jamu Postnatal Massage package includes a 1-hour full body Signature Postnatal Jamu Massage and 10 mins application of jamu herbs and binding.

⭐Treatment Highlights ⭐

✔ Exclusive In-house 5-Steps Tummy Focus

✔ Complimentary Hot Stone Therapy using customised volcanic stone. The use of heated stone makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the massage!

✔ Complimentary lactation breast massage – it helps to improve milk flow and clear engorgement and blocked ducts too!

✔ Exclusive In-House Premium Jamu formulation made from 100% natural ingredients

✔ Customised Batik Cloth Binder that is complimentary for each mum

Be pampered with Alltentic Jamu Massage

Their team of dedicated professionals has helped new mothers across different nationalities from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA and more to regain their confidence, health, strength and energy.

Apart from providing a comprehensive massage service, their in-house product line Bodineeds is customised according to the concerns of new mums. Some of their signature products include belly hipster wraps and hair fall control haircare range to cope with the needs of a new mum that are safe to use during the confinement period and beyond.

To make a postnatal jamu massage appointment or to learn more about Alltentic Jamu Massage, visit here.

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AllTenTic Jamu Massage TNAP Editor's Choice Awards

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