Play helps children and communities come together at the best of times – and the hardest of times. With LEGO’s #LetsBuildTogether, families and fans can unite with joyful moments and positive experiences.

For families at home, daily build challenges and fun LEGO lessons will definitely keep you and your child entertained.

LetsBuildTogether LEGO stay home activity for kids

We encourage you to explore, build and share your creations using #LetsBuildTogether. To start you off, here are 5 things you didn’t know you could do with your child with LEGO!

1. Build your own maze

Build your own LEGO maze from your brick collection at home, find a small rolling object and see if you can make it through the maze. If it becomes too easy, simply build a more advanced maze to raise the bar.

2. Simple and fun memory games

With a handful of LEGO bricks and a few household objects, you and your toddler can learn through play with these simple memory games.

These games can introduce basic math concepts to children, help them work on problem-solving, and develop important logical thinking they’ll need by the time they start school.

And the best part of little activities like these? While your child thinks they’re just playing a game, they’re really expanding their mind and learning at a rate you’d never believe! Find out more here.

3. Create your customised board game

There’s always more time for fun and games as a family! You can make your own board game with LEGO bricks too! Set your own rules and roll the dice. First to reach the middle wins!

4. Making spelling fun with your little ones

Turn spelling into a fun parking lot game for children with your LEGO blocks. For younger children, it can be a simple way to help them learn to recognize their own name.

And for older children, you can make it more difficult by adding more difficult words, or getting rid of the letters on the parking lot and turning it into a fun spelling challenge. Find out more here.

5. Building a phone speaker

Amplify the tunes from your phone with this DIY phone speaker made with LEGO! Watch this video to find out how!

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