A successful career woman, TV presenter and mother of three, Diana Ser is the epitome of motherhood and the touchstone of wisdom. She imparts values to her children and ignite their passion for learning and nurture bilingualism through her online site, Crazy About Chinese.

Diana Ser makes it look easy while raising the next generation of her family. So we asked the newly appointed Max Factor’s Muse to share her story and insights on parenting.

Diana Ser Parenting Interview

Hi Diana, tell us something that people might not know about yourself. It can be anything!

I got zero upon 100 for my very first A Math test!

When you have a bad day at home or at work, what is the mantra that keeps you going?

Take time to mourn, vent my frustration etc., but get over it quick and get back on my feet. I believe everything happens for a reason and we must learn to accept things the way they are and move on.

Be it good or bad, there is a lesson to be learnt in every experience and at the end of the day, whatever we have gone through strengthens our character.

Describe your parenting style.

Strict and structured! While I can still manage their bedtimes, my kids go to bed at 8pm whether there is a test or not. I am disciplined about their school work too because I hope to lay a strong foundation for when they are more independent in the future.

Describe your fashion/beauty style.

Classic, simple, elegant, glam.

Is there anyone you look up to when it comes to style and beauty?

Cate Blanchett.

In your opinion, what makes a person beautiful?

The term “beautiful” is not defined by just outer appearance, but also an expression of someone’s inner beauty. I believe confidence, resilience and courage are the cornerstones of beauty.

You know what they say about confidence is either you have it or you don’t, I actually think otherwise. It is in fact something that is built as you journey through life. And through the ups and downs, no matter your successes or failures, these experiences are cherished as they make you even more resilient and fearless to move on, and they shape one’s perception of beauty.

This is also why I immediately said yes when Max Factor asked me to be their muse because I resonated with the message behind the “You X Max Factor” campaign.

To celebrate and empower our generation of women who are emboldened by their rich life experiences to let their beauty shine inside and out and see the true depths of beauty through their own lenses.

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ How do you teach your children the idea and concept of beauty?

Since young, I have been nurturing empathy and open-mindedness in my children. It is definitely important for them to know how to put themselves in the shoes of others and consider others’ needs and feelings. Of course, what’s most important is teaching them the old adage that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

We shouldn’t be quick to judge based on what we see on the surface. It is much more about a person’s personality and so on. Thus, this also enables me to instill in them that beauty is more than just your physical appearance.

Let’s talk about media. With media consumption on the rise, how do you ensure that your children’s use of digital media is controlled and balanced?

I limit time spent on gadgets and television. But equally important is their outdoor time. The latter is woefully lacking in Singapore in general, so at the same time that we manage screen time, we try our best to let them spend time outdoors or doing sport.

Every child is different and poses unique challenges. As a mother of three, how do you navigate this and ensure each of them gets divided love and attention?

Diana Ser and Family Max Factor Muse

By being more sensitive to them. For example, when I cuddle the younger girl, I notice the elder one looking. So, I give Big Sister a kiss. That makes her happy! Also, I try to respond when they need me. It is tough because I work from home too, so the tendency is to say “Not now!” when they need me. But I try.

To couples who are hesitating to have children, would you encourage them to be parents? What would you say to them?

Oh dear I am such a nag with my younger friends and relatives. I had my first child relatively late at 34, and I found that age did make a big difference to the woman’s body, whether it is conception, pregnancy or convalescence. So faster get pregnant!

What is the best gift you can give or hope to give to your children?

That they can realize their potential AND make a difference to society.

Photos courtesy of Diana Ser.

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