recommended soaps for baby with eczemaManaging a newborn isn’t an easy feat for a new and young mom, let alone managing one with chronic eczema. My baby boy, Samuel, was diagnosed with chronic eczema at two months old. My husband and I brought him to see a paediatrician and a dermatologist.

Subsequently, we tried many products off the local pharmacies’ shelves such as Mustela, California baby, Avent Magic cream, Hope’s relief cream, Egozite and Eucerin but they didn’t work for Samuel. His eczema condition seemed to need something more sustaining. Through the flaring episodes, I’ve learnt that we have got to fight the eczema beast positively.

Below is a list of products that have been recommended by his dermatologist and has helped in managing Samuel’s eczema condition better. They have advised us to use products that are non-soap and non-fragrance:
baby soaps for sensitive skin


The professionals have also advised that we can never moisturize too much! They also recommended creams to lotions, as they are thicker and more absorbent.

Below is a list of recommended creams we’ve tried before and you can get them at most Watsons, Guardians or Unity outlets. However, you can only get the Cetaphil Intensive from selected clinics and hospital retail pharmacy outlets.

  1. Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing cream
  2. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
  3. QV cream
  4. QV intensive cream
  5. Physiogel Cream
  6. *Physiogel AI 

*You will need to get a prescription for Physiogel AI.

To date, the Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing cream together with the QV intensive cream has worked most effectively for Samuel. I’ve heard reviews that it can also be effective with QV cream and QV intensive.

I hope that by sharing the list of products that has helped Samuel, will help ease your headaches, and save some money as you go about to find the most suitable product for your baby. I certainly wished I had this list back when I was looking for the right treatment for Samuel.

Take heart that you are not alone in this journey, hang in there!

By Yvonne Chee

This article was first published in The New Age Parents Dec / Jan 2013 e-magazine

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