It’s that time of the year where love fills the air… So why not go the extra mile and do something sweet for your lover this Valentine’s Day?

couple in love

1. Post-It Notes

Try leaving sweet little notes in hidden places all over the house so that your loved one will be reminded of your love for them whenever they open a shoe cabinet, dresser or even the fridge! You can even write something which is relevant to the hiding place such as “Thank you for always making me such yummy dinners” in the fridge. No fanciful words, no long stories, just your sincere thoughts from the bottom of your heart.

2. Breakfast in Bed

Yes, the weekends are really precious for all of us to catch up on our sleep and peeling yourself off the bed early in the morning to prepare breakfast can be a challenge. But love is always a choice. If your partner knew that you woke up earlier just to prepare them a lovely breakfast, I’m sure the look on their face is more than enough as the reward for your hard work. You don’t have to whip up a full English breakfast if you don’t want to, just some toast, cereal and milk will do just fine.

3. Plan a Surprise Holiday

Resort getaway for couples

Try planning for a surprise vacay all on your own – choice of location, booking of air tickets, accommodation, taking leave off for your spouse if they’re working on their behalf, packing luggage, etc. If possible, spring the surprise on a weekday when they’re preparing for work, pull out the luggage, hand them their passport and say “Baby, we’re going for a holiday!” Now, that is one surprise your loved one will surely remember.

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4. Massage

A full body massage after a hard day of work something is the best way to convey “I Love You”. Best thing is, this can be easily done! No planning nor expenses required.

5. Words of Assurance

Sometimes, after being together with someone for a long period of time, it can be easy to take the other party for granted. Make an effort to tell your partner how much you appreciate them and remember to name exact activities where you appreciated their help so they can feel recognised for their effort and hard work all this while!

6. Hi dear, the household chores are all done

Take a half-day off and help your partner to complete the household chores! They will love it when they come back to a spick and span home with the groceries all stocked up in the fridge.

7. Go Down Memory Lane, one step at a time

10 Romantic Things To Do For Your Lover

Do you remember where you guys first met? The first meal you had together or the first movie you watched together? Reminisce the small but significant details about your love story while cuddled up in the comfort of your bed with a bottle of red wine by the bedside.

8. Sending a bouquet of flowers, just because…

Send a bouquet of flowers or any other gift which you think your partner will love, just because. No special occasions to celebrate, just to remind them of your love.

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9. Hugs from behind

hug from behind

Hugs from behind, enough said.

10. Late-night dates

Remember those late-night dates you had when dating? Relive those days by having an impromptu date night and just do whatever you want! Go to the beach and enjoy the breeze, Or go to that quirky little café around the neighbourhood which you have always wanted to try.

By Leow Kaiwen

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