When it comes to showing our love to our children, it’s not always about big gestures or lavish gifts. The smallest of things can make our children feel deeply loved and special. Here are ten simple yet powerful acts you can do.

how to love your child

1. Leave a surprise

Tuck a secret note into his school uniform pocket or under his morning milk in a cup. Stow a few of her favourite sweets or a pretty new hairclip into her bag to be discovered. Draw a picture of both of you and post it to your home.

2. Plan a game

Plan a simple scavenger hunt for him, or play “Freeze!”. Have a couple of snacks on hand to do duty as prizes.

3. Cook all their favourite foods

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Prepare a bento box or picnic basket which has all their favourite foods. Just this once, you can close one eye on having a balanced meal.

4. Personalize their meal

Make it a meal to remember by upping your ante on food design. For beginners, check out our post: How To Make A Bento Lunch Box For Your Child.

5. Write a poem, story or song

You don’t have to be a brilliant writer to pen your thoughts. Just write from your heart – your child will love the effort that has gone into it, and it will be something both of you can treasure and look back on in years to come.

6. Make a card

making card with children

In today’s online world, a card-in-hand is rare, but it means so much more than just a digital page. Make a simple card – draw your child’s favourite flower or print and cut out pictures of his favourite transformers – and leave a short note. Of course, remember to sign off: Lots of love, Mummy and Daddy.

7. Take them on a surprise date

family bonding family outing

Whisk your child off to a surprise location for some one-on-one time with you, just for a meal or even for the whole day! If your child is in preschool, you even have the liberty of letting him skip a day of school (not that we are encouraging you should make this a regular practice).

8. Invite their best friend over for a playdate

planning for a playdate what to do

Liaise with their best friend’s parents and invite them over to play. It’s sure to make their day extra special.

9. Let them sleep-over for a night

Arrange a sleepover at a friend’s place, or invite a friend over to stay. Just make sure there are responsible and caring adults around at all times.

10. Begin and end each day with a kiss and a hug

mother kissing baby

This is so simple but so easy to forget in the mad rush of getting ready for school or for bed. Still, it’s worth remembering to begin and end each day with this familiar expression of love.

By Dorothea Chow.

This article was first published in The New Age Parents e-magazine.

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