Phonics is probably one of the best things you could ever endow for your kids. The connection of spoken English to the letters in the alphabet are the essentials of English phonics. Teaching phonics for your kids early to give them a good grasp of English so that they will be globally competitive someday.

teaching phonics to toddlers

Here are some ways in which you can teach your children who are 4 years old and above to learn phonics early on:

How to Teach Phonics For Your Children

#1 Converse


Talking to children will develop their ability to listen and imitate. Conversations will help children listen to the sounds as you say them correctly.

#2 Act it Out

As actions speak louder than words, teaching sound to your child using funny and enjoyable facial expressions and hand and body movements have been found very effective. Movements will break the monotony in learning and your children will always look forward to fun activities of interaction. Moreover, the actions will enhance the transfer of the sounds to your children.

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#3 Flashcards

Pictures captivate the interest and curiosity of the child. Flash some picture cards while you say the sound of the letters and you make association easier for the child. Choose pictures that are specially designed for children – simple and colourful.

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#4 Nursery Rhymes

Rhyming will let the children have a view of what the letters of the alphabets can do when sounded or blended together. Nursery rhymes have indicated humour for children to enjoy learning so do learn how to teach phonics to children using nursery songs.

#5 DVDs Programs

Watch educational copies of phonics to make children imitate the sound easily. Most English phonics programs can be viewed in the computer where teaching is done through games. Educational games are fun activities which you and your child can engage in.

#6 Education Cartoons

For children, seeing their favourite cartoon character talk and act out will become an inspiration and challenge for them to learn phonics. There are vast arrays of cartoon shows that teach phonics. Let the television and the internet be your tandem in teaching.

#7 Computer games and programs

Can children learn from digital game apps

Computer models stimulate a child’s learning ability. Studies have shown that through using a computer model that shows the phonics learning of children, you are honing a skilled reader in the future.

These are simple ways how to teach phonics to children at home. The child who is good in phonics can develop a good reading skill and will be able to catch up in studying other subjects that are related in English. Start teaching phonics for your child and you will hone someone who has the ability to read, to spell, and to pronounce the words properly.

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