Children’s words are pure and innocent. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple gesture from them, and it can bring a smile to our face and warm our hearts. Hear what some preschool educators have to say about some of the sweet gestures their children have said or done for them.

kids say the sweetest things

“One morning just before I began my lesson in class, one child blurted out and said, ‘Teacher Joranna, I love you’. Soon, the rest of the children chorus in unison and they rushed forward to hug me. That really made my day.”

– Joranna Ang, Teacher, Learning Vision at Ministry of Education

“Recently, a Primary 4 boy called me on the phone to tell me how well his Mandarin has improved. I taught him when he was in K2 and his Mandarin was not great then. But he remembered the encouragement and had kept a little book with my phone number in it for all those years. I felt that we had planted a little seed for the enjoyment of learning and it had grown into a little plant. I was so happy to know that he had remembered his learning with fondness.”

– Huang Ying, Head of Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

why children make our hearts melt

“There was a day where I came in to work feeling a little unwell. I overheard a conversation between two of my class boys, “Ms Kavitha looks unwell today. Let’s cheer her up by being good in class.” That conversation sure did bring tears to my eyes. It just showed me how observant the children are. It showed me how much I meant to them and how much they love me in return.”

– Kavitha Rajahendran, K2 Teacher, MindChamps Pre-School at Paragon

“We had a birthday celebration at school and the mum brought along her baby girl to celebrate her son’s birthday with the toddlers. The toddlers were intrigued by this cute, gargling baby. After having the birthday chocolate cake, the toddlers surrounded the infant and started to give her gentle pats, hugs and some kisses. When the crowd dispersed, the poor or lucky baby was covered with chocolate kisses generously given by our loving toddlers! Even the mum could not help but laugh.”

– Lim Yu Jie, Toddler Teacher, Between 2 Trees Preschool

“My class children love to say “Ms Daya, I love you” at random times. There’s this boy who seldom tells me his feelings. Strangely one day he told me that he loved me. I asked him “How much?” and he answered “10 thousands”. When I told him that it wasn’t enough, he thought long and hard before he asked me “How about 12 millions?” That made me laugh and it’s something I would always remember.”

– Daya, K1 Teacher, Kinderland Child Care at Ministry of Manpower Building

“One day, while out shopping with my own children, a child who isn’t from my class saw me from afar. She called my name loudly and ran towards me to give me a big hug and she told her parents, “See, my teacher Jasmine here.”

– Jasmine Teo, English Teacher at LEAP SchoolHouse

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What are some sweet words or gestures your child said to you?

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