Toddlers are prone to accidents because their mobility and eagerness to explore the things around them are intense. They are discovery-oriented that they tend to go around just anywhere even inside the house to seek for something new.

For them, the world is exciting because of their extreme curiosity and new physical skills. This is maybe the reason why parents should see to it that the home is a place of safety for most children especially toddlers.

toddler safety

Here are a few ways in which parents could secure their children away from the dangers of hurt and pain even inside their homes.  Here are 8 tips for toddler safety :

#1 Never leave your child alone in the kitchen or in the bathroom. These are the two most dangerous areas in the house. It is in there that you find the things that might possibly hurt them like razors, knives, medicines and toxic cleaning supplies.

Safety in Kitchen

#2 Remove all small objects that your child might accidentally swallow. Keep beads, buttons, coins, marbles, medicines and household cleaners away from children. Make sure electrical cords and other outlet covers are out of their reach.

#3 Check bath water temperature. You might not always be that vigilant guard for your child that you have to make sure you never leave hot water in the kitchen or in the bathroom within your children’s reach.

#4 Install safety gates and locks in areas that you think might be dangerous to your child. Make sure exits towards the lawn or the backyard are safely tucked and cannot be opened by your child alone on his own.

#5 You also need to drain kiddie pools in case you might accidentally leave the doors open towards the backyard.

#6 Keep electric fans beyond your children’s reach. His fingers are so small to be able to get through the grills.

#7 Always keep your floors cleaned and vacuumed. For spillage, make sure you wipe off at once before your child steps on it.

#8 Light the stairs. Although you will not allow your child to go up and down the stairs all alone, providing a bright bulb would ensure the vividness of the stairway and would prevent accidents.

You may have kept your child danger-proof by adhering to the tips above but you need to realize that no matter how you keep everything in place, accidents will find their way in.

So, as parents, never totally entrust your child to the safety precautions you have done because at the end of the day, parent supervision is still the best way to keep children safe and secure.

Do you have any useful toddler safety tips to share with us? You are welcome to leave us a comment, thank you.

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