Looking to enrich your child and develop your child’s memory skills? Rachel Lim and Michelle Ang spoke to experts for tips and advice.

How To Improve Kids Memory

How To Improve My Kid’s Memory?

Left and right brain memory

There are two kinds of memory, left brain memory and right brain memory, says Kuah Eng Liang, Founding CEO of Heguru Education Centre. Left brain memory is slow and attained through repeated reading or verbal regurgitation, in a systematic manner, and is short-term. Right brain memory is fast, and it works by looking, storing and recalling massive amount of visual information at high speed. It is also called photographic memory, which is the ability to remember things by taking a glance, and is long-lasting.

“The right brain is being effectively stimulated through speed, music, visualisation, memory and numeracy activities. Complementary activities are also littered throughout the lesson to train children to harness their powerful right brain abilities such as superb memory, speed calculation and improved concentration. At the same time, the left brain’s linguistic and analytic thinking skills are also strengthened.”

Starting early is key

Taking advantage of the plasticity of young children’s brain by providing them with rich experiences. This helps to facilitate the steady growth of their brains, states Ms Jacqueline Neo, Principal of Happy Train.

“In the first few months of life, the brain is busy wiring connections between axons (transmit signals) and dendrites (receive signals) to form synapses. The connections within the brain can only be strengthened through experiences. When the weaker synapses are not used, they will gradually be pruned off when the child reaches around 10 years old.”

Where to go: Heguru Education Centre, Happy Train

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