There are a lot of things mothers should know when it comes to raising a child. Problems and concerns would not end up after giving birth because the newborn will be subject to more development as he grows old.

Infant Teething - photo by thierGrowth could include the coming out of your baby’s primary teeth which is not only uncomfortable and irritating but painful as well. It is enough that you soothe your child whenever he cries for help against the infant teething pain. As his protector, you need to do something to ease out the suffering.

Here are some baby teething remedies you can do to remedy the difficulties brought by the growing of teeth:

  • Once babies exhibit the visible symptoms for teething, you can make use of a clean piece of cloth or your fingers to rub off the gums.
  • Use teething rings for babies to chew and swallow. You can place the rings inside the refrigerator before handing them down to babies. The cooling sensation would create a great relief of pain.
  • Cool water is also an abundant remedy. Let baby drink refrigerated water even when calm.
  • Fever is usually associated with infant teething. You may want to make sure the fever is dealt with so it pays to seek the help of pediatricians or your family doctor regarding the right medicine.
  • With close parental supervision, you can also give your babies some ice chips. Make sure you have a ready towel to wipe off the liquid from the melting chips to avoid choking.
  • Store some over-the-counter medicines and teething gels to be rubbed off into your babies’ gums.
  • The notion that brandy and alcohol could soothe the teething pain is a misconception. Never be persuaded to rub a drop of these liquids into the babies’ gums because alcohol is not in any way healthy for children.
  • Clean babies’ mouth right after feeding to avoid the thriving of bacteria that might cause complications to the swollen gums.
  • Set another plan in case teething would affect feeding routine. Sometimes, babies don’t have the appetite to eat during those conditions that mothers should be ready to adapt to eating variations of the child.
  • Use washcloth that is refrigerated or cooled. In the absence of teething rings and other stuff, the cloth is efficient and would likely be more hygienic.

Infant teething is a crucial stage and your help and knowledge with interventions would be a great help to help your babies get through the painful condition.

Article contributed by Ann

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